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Chronicling my sons battle with cancer in a book gave me closure: Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi - Kartik (2)
Emraan Hashmi (Photo: Kartik Thakur)

In thirteen years of his film career, Emraan Hashmi has played variety of roles. He played a gangster, a bookie, a cop, a lover, among other characters. Though he got tagged as the Serial Kisser? of Bollywood quite early in his career, he has evolved as an actor over these years and is no longer known more for his kissing scenes than his acting. Quite contrasting to his on-screen casual persona, he played the role of a strong father in real life when his little son was battling with cancer in 2014. Parallel to the czars of Bollywood (Khans, Bachchans), he has carved a niche for himself in the industry. In his last outing, he played the character of the controversial former Indian cricket captain Mohammad Azharuddin. Though the movie can’t be categorised as a grosser, Emraan was praised for the way he portrayed the character of Azhar. In an exclusive interview with Nation Next, Emraan Hashmi talks about Azhar?, his journey in Bollywood and his book The Kiss of life.


You must have grown up watching Mohammad Azharuddin play for the Indian Cricket Team. How excited were you when the opportunity for playing Azhar? came to you?

I was so excited that I didn’t even hear the script! I just took up the project knowing that it’s Mohammad Azharuddins life story. I have always been his fan and I have seen him play through the ’80s and the ’90s. He was one of a kind and no one played like him. Azhar bhai came from humble background in Hyderabad and made a mark. He got selected in the Indian Cricket Team and went ahead to become the captain. And then in 2000, everything was snatched away from him. I felt that it would be a very interesting life to put up on the celluloid.

Mohammad Azharuddin went on to become one of the most accomplished captains of the Indian cricket team. Clearly, when you play a character like that there is a lot of pressure?

There was a lot of pressure and it gave me sleepless nights. After the initial excitement, there was nervousness. I often asked myself, Can I do it?? Once we started shooting, after the first couple of shots went okay, Azhar bhai said that I was doing well in the cricketing shots. That gave me confidence. But it was a grilling four months of learning cricket for me and thankfully Azhar bhai was there throughout.

How difficult was it to imitate the cricketing and personality mannerisms of Mohammad Azharuddin correctly? 

Everything was difficult: right from the way he would walk on the field with his collar up and an amulet around his neck, to his lazy charm, to the flick shot he often played towards the leg side. As I was always an off side player, I had a tough time connecting the ball and hitting it on the leg side. Prior to starting shooting for ‘Azhar,’ I used to train heavy weights, so my wrist used to hurt a lot whenever I tried the flick shot. I had to start athletic form of training and Yoga to cope with the same.

You said in an interview that when you were shooting for Raaz: Reboot, you couldn’t get out of Azhars character. Was it because you got emotionally attached to the character?

I get emotionally attached to every character I play. But in this case, because the shoot went on for a year and half, it took a lot of time for me to get out of the character. Mentally and physically, I started doing things, which Azhar bhai would do. I started eating with a spoon and fork like him. It took me some time to stop walking the way he walks. Azhar bhai keeps shaking his head and I kept doing that on the shoot of another film. I had to mentally tell myself again and again, Stop being Azhar now!

When an actor plays a real life character on screen, it is bound to teach him a lot many things. What has Azhar? taught you? 

I find Azhar bhais life and mine very similar in some cases. I have been through my own set of problems in life and I kept my patience and tried to be simplistic, down to earth and humble. The movie Azhar? has given me a lot of inner strength, patience and courage to deal with hurdles and obstacles. It has also taught me to be grounded.

Prachi Desais and your chemistry was loved by everyone in Once upon a time in Mumbaai. How was it working with her again in Azhar and since it was your second film together, how easy was it? 

There was an ease from the first film itself. We are friends and we have kept in touch ever since Once upon a time in Mumbaai. Prachi is a lovely girl. Shes really professional and hard working. She puts her heart and soul into the character she plays.

Nargis Fakhri had a problem with the makers of Azhar? as she wasn’t told about the kissing scenes earlier. Did you sense any discomfort in her during the shoot of the film? 

There was no discomfort. When you’re shooting for a film, you really have to be hundred percent convinced about your character, and if you aren’t, it will be visible on screen. The disparity between Prachi and Nargis helped the characters they played. Sangeeta Bijlani (played by Nargis) was more glamorous, Naureen (played by Prachi) was more of a girl next door. They both fit the characters well. Nargis and I got to know each other pretty well during the shoot.

You said that you want to do more films, which draw from reality. Whom would you want to play on screen? 

I think Yuvrajs Singh’s life story is very interesting. I find Lance Armstrongs story very interesting as well. His story is like Azhar bhais story. He held seven world titles, he survived cancer and then everything was snatched away from him. Hes controversial and inspirational at the same time.

You recently penned down a book, The Kiss of life?, which chronicles the story of your sons battle with cancer. Was it emotionally draining for you to write the book

It was. I thought it would be very painful but reliving all the times again through writing proved to be more therapeutic than painful for me. I started enjoying the writing process. I started introspecting a lot. It helped me get a perspective about the trauma we went through and gave me closure.

It’s often observed that when cancer survivors come out in the open with their struggles of battling with the disease, it gives strength to people suffering from it. Do you think that this book will give a lot of strength to family members and people suffering from cancer?

I hope so. When we were going through this ourselves, we found strength by talking to other people who had been through similar situation. Reading books gave us guidance and perspective about the problem and made us feel that we can overcome it. So, I think this book will also give guidance to not just parents whose kids are suffering with cancer but even to people who never encountered the disease. Through my research, I came to know that one 10 percent of cancer patients get it genetically. It is primarily a lifestyle disease, so one can reduce the probability of cancer by adapting a good lifestyle.

Have you started valuing life more now? 

I have started valuing life, valuing the people I love and have started spending time with them. You never know what will happen in the future. Life at any point can go in any direction, that’s what I have realised.

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Indie singer Prateek Gandhi’s ‘Naina Ri Patang’ unlocks emotions, charms fans | Interview




Avani Arya | Nagpur

Indie singer Prateek Gandhi in conversation at Dialogue @ Nation Next, speaks about his musical journey, his fans, and his upcoming releases and much more.

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Nagpur News

November 30, 2022 | Nagpur News | नागपुर समाचार | Hindi News Bulletin | Nation Next




Avani Arya | Nagpur

Nation Next Nagpur Bulletin brings to you a summary of major news events that took place in Nagpur on November 30, 2022.

1. मुंबई में हुई cabinet की meeting में प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना के beneficiaries को सिर्फ 1 हजार रुपए में रजिस्ट्री करने का decision लिया गया है. नागपूर के mla कृष्णा खोपड़े ने यह मांग की थी.mla खोपड़े के मुताबिक़ कुछ दिन पहले प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना के beneficiaries ने उनसे मुलाक़ात की थी और 1 हजार रुपए में रजिस्ट्री कराने की व्यवस्था करने की मांग की थी. इसके बाद खोपड़े ने 6 september 2022 को Revenue Minister राधाकृष्ण विखे पाटिल को letter लिखा और बाद में 11 नवंबर को deputy cm फडणवीस को letter दिया. इस दौरान letter में यह कहां गया कि जैसे झोपड़पट्टी के लोगों को फ्री में रजिस्ट्री की व्यवस्था की गई है, उसी तरह प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना के beneficiaries को हजार रुपए में रजिस्ट्री करने की व्यवस्था की जाए. इस मांग को state government ने मान लिया है.

2. आपने नागपुर शहर में देखा होगा की कुछ महीने पहले बनी सीमेंट roads को नल के पाइपलाइन और गटर line के काम के लिए तोड़ा जा रहा है. इसके विरोध में बुधवार 30 नवंबर को युवक कांग्रेस ने प्रोटेस्ट किया. ‘ घंटा बजाओ, नागपुरवासियों का टैक्स बचाओ ‘ के नाम से यह प्रोटेस्ट किया गया. बंटी शेलके के lead में इस प्रोटेस्ट में नागपुर Municipal Commissioner राधाकृष्णन बी, cm एकनाथ शिंदे और Deputy CM फडणवीस के मास्क पहनकर प्रोटेस्ट किया गया.

3. नागपुर के गिट्टीखदान पुलिस स्टेशन के तहत आनेवाले बोरगांव दिनशॉ फैक्ट्री के सामने वाली बस्ती में 3 महिलाओ के साथ मारपीट का video वायरल हो रहा है. यह घटना शुक्रवार 25 नवंबर की है. इस मामले में आम आदमी पार्टी के लोगों ने पुलिस स्टेशन पहुंचकर आरोपियों पर सख्त कार्रवाई करने की मांग की है. आम आदमी पार्टी कार्यकर्ताओ के मुताबिक़ पुलिस ने अब तक किसी पर भी कोई concrete कार्रवाई नहीं की है. जबकि अलका उईके नाम की महिला के साथ बहोत ज्यादा मारपीट आरोपी चंदन सडमाके ने की है. जानकारी के मुताबिक़ जिनके साथ मारपीट हुई है वो 3 महिलाएं जब गिट्टीखदान पुलिस स्टेशन पहुंची तो सिर्फ एक महिला की complaint ली गई. इस मामले में 354 के तहत अपराध दर्ज होता है, लेकिन पुलिस महिला से कह रही है कि हमने उसको समझा दिया है, अब वो कुछ नहीं करेगा. video में देख सकते है कि एक आदमी महिला के साथ किस तरह से मारपीट कर रहा है. जानकारी के अनुसार इसमें पुलिस ने सिर्फ nc मामला दर्ज किया है. देखने में आया है की शहर पुलिस की इसी लापरवाही के चलते कई बड़े -बड़े हादसे बाद में होते है. समय रहते पुलिस किसी भी मामले में सख्त कार्रवाई करे, तो सामने होनेवाले serious crime को रोका जा सकता है.

4. नागपुर के सदर में Bishop Cotton स्कूल में बुधवार को स्कूल के खिलाफ parents ने नाराजगी जाहिर की . बुधवार 30 नवंबर को सुबह ही parents स्कूल के सामने जमा हो गए. parents ने स्कूल की headmistress शुभदा टिमोथी के खिलाफ नाराजगी की है और parents का यह कहना है कि इनकी appointment ही illegal तरीके से हुई है .कुछ दिन पहले parents ने स्कूल की headmistress के खिलाफ नागपुर के Education Officer को भी written complaint दी है. parents का कहना है कि स्कूल headmistress का बर्ताव parents और management के साथ बिलकुल भी अच्छा नहीं है. parents के साथ उन्होंने कई बार arrogantly बात की है. parents ने यह मांग की है कि स्कूल की CBSE की principal maudlin तिवसकर को nursery से लेकर 12th तक का स्कूल का पूरा चार्ज दिया जाए. parents का कहना है की headmistress टिमोथी के कारण उनके बच्चों की study का नुक्सान हो रहा है. आज parents ने school के management से बात की और उन्हें अपनी problems बताई.

5.  29 नवंबर को नागपूर के मेडीकल कॉलेज में ragging का एक मामला सामने आया है. जिसमें 6 students के खिलाफ कार्रवाई करके उनकी Internship cancel की गई है. इसके साथ ही इन students के खिलाफ पुलिस में complaint दर्ज की गई है. जानकारी के अनुसार mbbs के first year students के साथ ragging का video सामने आने के बाद कॉलेज में सनसनी मच गई थी. इसके बाद central ragging commitie ने इस मामले में मेडीकल कॉलेज को complaint करते ही यह कार्रवाई की गई. दरअसल मेडीकल administration को central ragging commitie की ओर से एक video mail किया गया था., जिसमे 6 intern students mbbs के एक first year student की ragging कर रहे थे. इस वीडियो के मिलने के बाद मेडीकल administration ने तुरंत एक meeting ली और investigation के order दिए. investigation में पता चला कि video सही है. इन students को hostel से भी बाहर कर दिया गया है. कल रात तक यह कार्रवाई जारी थी.

6. रेलवे पार्सल department की ओर से सामान इस शहर से दूसरे शहर भेजा जाता है. कई बार रेलवे कर्मचारी और मजदुर इसमें काफी लापरवाही करते है, कई लोगों के महंगे -महंगे सामान भी रेलवे मजदूरों के उठाने और रखने से टूट जाते है. लेकिन रेलवे department इन गैरजिम्मेदार मजदूरों और रेलवे कर्मचारियों पर किसी भी तरह की कोई कार्रवाई नहीं करता है. ऐसा ही एक मामला मंगलवार 29 नवंबर को सामने आया है. दरअसल एक व्यक्ति ने नागपूर से अपने बेटे के लिए moped लातूर के लिए भेजी थी , लेकिन इसको लातूर में न उतारते हुए इसको कोल्हापुर में उतारा गया. जिसके कारण इस व्यक्ति को काफी परेशानियों का सामना करना पड़ा. जानकारी के मुताबिक़ गणेशपेठ में रहनेवाले m. अग्रवाल ने एक moped 24 नवंबर को नागपुर के पार्सल department से महाराष्ट्र एक्सप्रेस में लातूर भेजी थी, उनका बेटा वहां पढ़ाई कर रहा है. लेकिन लातूर पहुंचने के बाद इसको लातूर में नहीं उतारा गया. जब मोपेड नहीं मिली तो बेटे ने अपने पिता को फ़ोन पर जानकारी दी.इसके बाद अग्रवाल ने जब पता किया तो उन्हें पता चला की मोपेड कोल्हापुर पहुंच गई है. रेलवे ने अग्रवाल को यह जानकारी दी की लातूर में ट्रेन से नीचे मोपेड उतारनेवाला कोई नहीं था. इसके बाद यह भी कहां गया कि अगर फिर से लातूर में कोई मोपेड उतारनेवाला नहीं मिला तो मोपेड वापस आएगी. अग्रवाल ने strict होकर गाडी उतारने को कहा, उन्होंने railway helpline पर complaint भी की, इसके बाद मोपेड को लातूर में उतारा गया. रेलवे के पार्सल department की लापरवाही के कारण कई लोगों को रोजाना ही mentally और physically harrass होना पड़ता है. कई मामले सामने आते है तो कई मामले सामने ही नहीं आते है.

Script by – Shamanand Tayde

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Senior journalist Ravish Kumar quits NDTV India




Radhika Dhawad | New Delhi
Senior Journalist Ravish Kumar quit from his post as Senior Executive Editor at NDTV India on Wednesday, November 30.

Ravish Kumar

Senior Journalist Ravish Kumar quit from his post as Senior Executive Editor at NDTV India on Wednesday after the news channel informed the Bombay Stock Exchange in a regulatory filing that its founders Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy have resigned as the directors of RRPR Holding Private Limited.

Suparna Singh, President, NDYV Group said Kumar’s resignation was effective immediately. Singh, through an email, stated, “Few journalists have impacted people as much as Ravish. This reflects in the immense feedback about him: in the ‘crowds he draws everywhere; in the prestigious awards and recognition he has received, within India and internationally and in his daily reports, which champion the rights and needs of those who are under-served.”

Singh added that Kumar had been an integral part of NDTV for decades and that his contribution has been immense. She said, “We know he will be hugely successful as he embarks on a new beginning.”

In September 2019, Kumar won the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for ‘harnessing journalism to give voice to the voiceless.’ The Ramon Magasaysay Foundation said Kumar was being recognised for ‘his unfaltering commitment to a professional, ethical journalism of the highest standards; his moral courage in standing up for truth, integrity, and independence; and his principled belief that it is in giving full and respectful voice to the voiceless, in speaking truth bravely yet soberly to power, that journalism fulfills its noblest aims to advance democracy.’

Kumar used to host a number of programs including the channel’s flagship weekday show Hum Log, Ravish ki Report, Des Ki Baat and Prime Time. He has also been conferred with the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award twice.

Prannoy and Radhika Roy resigned as the Directors on the board of RRPR Holding Private Limited, the company said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday. The board of RRPR Holding has approved the appointment of Sudipta Bhattacharya, Sanjay Pugalia and Senthil Sinniah Chengalvarayan as Directors on its board with immediate effect.

The move came after the Gautam Adani-led Adani Group acquired 29.18% stake in television channel NDTV Ltd on August 23 and said it would launch an open offer as required by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to buy another 26% in the company. On November 22, the Adani Group launched its open offer, which is to remain open until December 5, 2022

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