June 21, 2019, 2:55 AM
Proving that age is just a number, 80-year-old Dr Jainarayan Jaiswal, has completed his PG Diploma course from Nagpur’s National Cancer Institute.
Dr Jay Narayan Jayswal (Photo by: Bhavesh Mahalle/Nation Next)

There’s no age to learn and there’s certainly no age to fulfill a dream! A brilliant example of this is 80-year-old Dr Jay Narayan Jayswal, who recently completed his three-month Post Graduate Diploma course in Oncology from Nagpur’s National Cancer Institute in Jamtha. By completing the course, Dr Jayswal, who has been practicing since last 55 years Adilabad in Telangana, has fulfilled a dream, which he nurtured for more than 58 years!

Speaking exclusively to Nation Next, Dr Jaiswal says, “I have always been fond of learning. I was born in Dolamba village in Yavatmal district. There was not even a primary school in our village at that time. My father, who was a farmer, would teach me alphabets. My will to learn took me 100 kms away from my village to a school at Patanbori. Over the years, in spite of great financial difficulties, I passed with flying colours throughout my school education and in 1957, I passed my 11th board exams (that time 11th board exams were equivalent to 10th board exams of today) in first division from Government High School in Yavatmal.”

Dr Jayswal adds, “In 1948, there was only one dispensary in my village, which was managed by a single doctor called Dr NG Sheikh. I was really impressed with the doctor's attire and personality and decided to become a doctor myself. After 11th, I enrolled myself in VMV College in Amravati (Maharashtra) for Inter Science to qualify for MBBS. I did not have enough money to study or stay in a hostel and that forced me to discontinue and enroll myself for a course in Diploma in Medicine at Robertson Medical School at Mayo Hospital in Nagpur.”

Dr Jayswal says, “Even though I got a diploma in medicine, my dream was always to pursue a post graduate course in medicine. But because of financial constraints, I could not do it. I shifted to a village near Adilabad to start my own private practice. I thought I will gather money and then enroll for the post graduate course . But I got so much success in my practice that I got no time to purse the PG course and the dream got lost somewhere.”

Dr Jayswal’s 58-year-old dream is what made him pursue a PG Diploma course in Oncology from National Cancer Institute in Nagpur. He says, “Even though I have been practicing for more than 55 years, the dream of pursuing a post graduate course always haunted me. I always felt a void. One day, I looked at an advertisement for the PG Diploma course in Oncology at National Cancer Institute in Nagpur and I decided to go for it. I’m really happy to have completed the course.”

Speaking to Nation Next, Dr Jayswal's daughter, Mamta Jaiswal, who stays in Nagpur says, “I’m on the top of the world and really proud of my father. He’s an inspiration! He has given a very important message to all of us: It’s never too late to follow your dreams! Age is just a number!”

Dr Jay Narayan Jayswal will receive his diploma soon at the National Cancer Institute’s convocation ceremony, which will be held soon.


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