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An unidentified, decomposed body found in Nag river canal at Ghat Road

A decomposed body of a man was found in the shallow watery area besides Nag river canal, underneath the railway bridge, near Mokshadham on Ghat road, Nagpur, on Wednesday morning. Subsequently, hundreds of anxious people gathered around the area, causing a huge traffic jam on the road.

Nag River
Nag River canal in Nagpur, the place, where the deceased body was found (Pic by: Suyash Sethiya)

The unidentified body, which was taken out of the Nag river canal by rescuer Jagdish Khare and his team, was found in a swollen and quasi-dissolved state. Assumptions started flying thick and fast by the passer-byes and the dwellers of the nearby areas, who said, The deceased must have been murdered and the body was thrown by the perpetrators in the water.

Nag River
The deceased body being taken out of the Nag River canal by the rescuer Jagdish Khare and his team in Nagpur (Pic by: Suyash Sethiya)

When Nation Next spoke to police constable Prashant Gajbhiye, who was present on the spot, he said, We got the information at around 10:30 am. When we came here, we found that the body was lying in the flowing water between the bushes in the canal. The body was so stiff that rescuer Jagdish Khare and his team had to carry the body on bamboo sticks to take it out of water. We are taking the body to Mayo hospital, where postmortem will be held. We?ll carry out further investigation on the basis of the postmortem reports.

Nag River
The deceased body being covered by the rescuer Jagdish Khare with his team as it’s taken out of the Nag River canal (Pic by: Suyash Sethiya)

Senior officials at Ganeshpeth police station are still investigating the case, and an FIR is yet to be registered.

Durgaprasad Chaubey, one of the rescuers, told Nation Next, It is difficult to comment on what must have happened with the deceased. But looking at the state of the body, we assume that it has been lying there since 20 odd days as it’s completely decayed.

Nag River
Fire brigade rescue team (Durgaprasad Chaubey, Deepak Muleywar and Vilas Tilgule) who took the deceased’s body out of the Nag River canal (Pic by: Suyash Sethiya)

Local residents of Ganeshpeth area were fuming in anger as they claimed that such criminal incidents have become the order of the day in the area. A visibly upset woman, on the condition of anonymity, told Nation Next correspondent, Murders happening in this area is a common affair. We women are afraid of getting out of our houses in the evening as we fear encounters with chain snatchers. Due to increased crime rate in this particular area, we demand that a police station should be set up on this road. At least, a police patrolling van should always be present for our safety.

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Kejriwal accuses PM Modi of waving off huge loan defaulters ‘behind closed doors’




Avani Arya | Nagpur
In a recent interview, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal spoke on BJP's corruption allegations on AAP.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, PM Modi

In a recent interview, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal spoke on BJP’s corruption allegations on AAP. He said, ‘BJP accuses us of corruption, they have not found one paisa. They have filed 167 cases against AAP leaders over the last 7 years, out of which not one has been proved in court.’

There were protests by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) employees due to delayed salaries. Following which, BJP accused AAP for not releasing funds. To which Kejriwal replied, ‘In the last 5 years, we have given ₹one lac cr to Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).. ask them (BJP) where it is now? kha gaye saara’ He added, ‘Give me CBI and ED for 24 hours, and more than half of the BJP party will be in jail’

Kejriwal further stated, ‘Modi ji gives free ki revdi, I do that too. While he does it for the rich, I do it for the public. He is waiving off huge loan defaulters behind closed doors. I do it openly for the benefit of the people. Providing schools and hospitals to the public is not free ki revdi, these acts are called as punya in Hinduism.’

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If I make a film with Salman, there’s a risk. If it’s a hit, it’ll be his, if it’s a flop, daddy ki hai: Salim Khan




Elina Nayak | India

Salim Khan

Salim Khan is one legendary screenwriter of Indian cinema. And also a doting father of his five kids – Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, Alvira and Arpita Khan. Be it supporting his kids, to making them realise the value of money and fame, he’s done all. He has also been an inspiration to many. 

Few years back, Salim Khan was asked in an interview why he never penned a script for his own son, Salman. The legendary screenwriter had a perfect answer, “When a person goes to anybody, they say, ‘I’ve an amazing script. You just hear it’. The other person might wonder, if you really have such an amazing script, why don’t you make it with your son. And if I make a film with Salman, there’s a risk. If it’s a hit, it will be his, and if it’s a flop, daddy ki hai.”

When asked about his retirement plans, he stressed on the fact that he doesn’t feel he can ever. Thanks to his five kids – Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, Alvira and Arpita – they all turn up to him for everything. “They come to me for everything. If there’s no petrol in their vehicle, they come to me. What can I do about the petrol? If their vehicle isn’t working, they come to me. Koi income tax ka notice aaye toh daddy ke paas leke jao. Toh mujhe fursat hi nahi milti. There are times when I get a call at night 11 that ‘daddy, they want to meet you’. Hence, I’ve stopped writing,” revealed Salim Khan.

He admitted that he got stuck in his personal life duties so much, that he can’t dedicate time to writing. “I now feel I can’t give so much time to my writing. I won’t be able to write professionally. Earlier I would do it with dedication and focus, now I can’t, so I thought better I give up. And I’m in a happy space now,” he signed up.

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Nagpur News

Amitabh Bachchan’s Jhund co-star from Nagpur ‘Babu Chhetri’ arrested for theft




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur
Nagpur Police arrested 18-year-old Priyanshu Kshatriya who essayed the role of Babu Chhetri in Amitabh Bachchan-starrer movie Jhund.

L to R: Jhund poster, Priyanshu Kshatriya who essayed the role of Babu Chhetri

Nagpur Police arrested 18-year-old Priyanshu Kshatriya who essayed the role of Babu Chhetri in Amitabh Bachchan-starrer movie Jhund. The arrest, on Thursday, came after Pradeep Mondawe (64), a resident of Mankapur area, filed a complaint about theft of jewellery and cash worth rupees five lakh from his house.

The police caught a minor suspect who revealed Kshatriya’s alleged involvement in the crime. The teenager was produced before a court, which remanded him in police custody till November 25.

The stolen items were recovered from a pigeon box in Gaddigodam – an area that incidentally features in the movie. Cops revealed that Kshatriya had been earlier arrested for allegedly stealing mobile phones of train passengers.

Directed by Nagraj Manjule, Jhund is inspired by the life of Vijay Barse, a former sports teacher from Nagpur who introduced slum children to football to keep them away from crime and addictions.

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