November 30, 2019, 10:24 PM

In order to create a support group for parents and their LGBTQ children, Nagpur’s Sarathi Trust conducted a one-day workshop on November 26th at Hotel LB.

Several experts from Mumbai and Nagpur attended the event, which was supported by Humsafar Trust (Mumbai) and Global Fund. Experts gave a presentation and insights on the need to accept and support their children’s sexuality.

During the event, a mother narrated her gay son’s ordeal of being suicidal after discovering his sexuality. She also spoke about her husband’s unwillingness to accept their son’s sexuality and consequently had to get separated with him over the same.

The experts present during the event were – Alpana Dange (Consultant at Humsafar trust), Tinesh Chope, (Advocacy Officer), Aruna Desai (Founder at Sweekar – a rainbow parents support group, Mumbai), Anand Chandrani (President Sarathi Trust) and Nikunj Joshi (CEO Sarathi Trust).

When Nation Next spoke to Anand Chandrani, he said, “In the beginning of the event, we were quite jittery as people were gradually backing out and the experts had already arrived. But to our relief, four parents and children turned up and finally the workshop successfully took place.”

The sole purpose of the event was to initiate a support group for parents to help their children to accept their sexuality.

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