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As an RJ, my job is to make my listeners smile no matter what: RJ Rajan

In an interview with Nation Next, 94.3 My FM's popular radio jockey RJ Rajan speaks about his career in the radio industry, his work as an RJ and more.
RJ Rajan (File photo/Nation Next)

RJ Rajan is undoubtedly the most renowned radio jockey in Nagpur right now. Apart from being an RJ, Rajan is also an extremely popular host and singer in the city. RJ Rajan aka Rajan Alone, who came to Nagpur many years back from his native place Pulgaon, has come a long way. Today, hes not just a popular RJ of 94.3 My FM, but has also hosted some of the biggest and high profile events in the city. The most recent of them being, the opening ceremony of Khasdar Krida Mahotsav wherein Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was the chief guest. In an interview with Nation Next, 94.3 My FM’s RJ Rajan speaks about his career in the radio industry, his work as an RJ and more. Excerpts:

You’re one of the most popular RJs in the Nagpur right now. When and how did you become an RJ? 

It was by chance that I became part of the radio industry. During the initial days of my career, I was a stage artist and a choreographer but dancing didn’t fulfill my familys needs. I, then, became a singer after which I got attracted towards hosting events. Post my graduation, I took up a job at the multinational company ?Johnson and Johnson? and shifted to Mumbai. While working there, I would get a lot of calls from Nagpur to host events. After working at the company for seven long years, I left the job and came back to Nagpur to live a life of an artist again. I started hosting events and got settled. There was a time when I would earn more than a lakh in a month just by hosting events! As I wrapped up hosting one of my events, I met a girl who asked me if I was interested in being an RJ. I wasn’t very interested but I still gave it a try and became an RJ.

You host the morning show Salaam Nagpur? at 94.3 My FM. Morning shows require a lot of freshness and energy. How challenging is it to host the morning show for you?

When I host the morning show, I realize that around eight lakh Nagpurians are listening to me. I have always worked for my audience and not for myself. Doing that has helped me be energetic always on my show. We all have a certain energy in us, it’s up to us how we make the most of it. If you think positive, do positive things and love your work, you will always be enthusiastic and energetic.

How do you prepare for your show? What kind of research goes into it?

Everybody is updated these days so our job is basically to make things a little fascinating for our listeners. I always try to give something new to my audience. I research a lot on every single thing as radio is about infotainment and not just entertainment.

Actor Akshay Kumar, badminton coach Pullela Gopichand and Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore came calling to Nagpur for Khasdar Krida Mahotsav.
Akshay Kumar, RJ Rajan, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, badminton coach Pullela Gopichand and Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore at the opening ceremony of Khasdar Krida Mahotsav in Nagpur.

RJ Milind who use to previously host Salaam Nagpur, in an interview with Nation Next, said that you’re doing a fantastic job for the morning show. What kind of rapport do you share with him and other RJs of the city?

I help everybody selflessly. If someone needs help, I help them without any selfish intentions or expecting anything in return from them. I don’t know what others think about me, but as I said, I believe in helping others selflessly.

When you’re hosting your radio show, you’re on-air. How do you manage things when there is a goof-up or a fumble inadvertently? Has it ever happened to you?

It is a must for a radio jockey to have a good sense of humor. Having said that, at times some people don’t have control on their words and they say something they shouldn’t. Being an RJ, you have to realize that there are lakhs of people who are listening to you. You have the power to change somebodys perception with a simple sentence. So, an RJ should be responsible enough not to say wrong things or make mistakes, which can have a lot of impact. Sometimes, it’s possible that you may fumble while on air, but I think that’s okay because an RJ is a human being too!

An RJ is supposed to be happy all the time. There may be time when you’re going through some problem in your personal life. How do you manage to hide that while you’re on-air?

Everybody is an actor in this world. We all, at some or the other point of time, have to act. When my grandmother passed away, I had to host an event. I hosted the event and did not even tell the organizers about the tragedy in my family. Basically, what I mean to say is, nobody is really interested in your problems. As an RJ, my job is bring a smile to my listeners no matter what.

Apart from being an RJ, you’re an extremely popular anchor and singer in Nagpur. Whats your favorite between these three things

I enjoy everything. I seriously believe that if you enjoy everything, everything will be your favorite. One should always work for fame and respect. If you don’t get the two things with what you do, you should stop doing it. Also, whatever you do, always give your best shot!

There are many people who want to enter the radio industry for their careers ahead. Apart from being a radio jockey, what are the different working areas in a radio station?

There are so many things apart from being an RJ that a person can do in the radio industry. There are directors, assistant directors, copywriters, audio editors, etc. in the radio industry. Also, there’s a new concept called Concept Paying, wherein you call sell a concept in the radio industry.

You used to work with Radio Mirchi before My FM. RJ Neel, who was your colleague at Mirchi, is now a content writer with 92.7 Big FM. Do you plan to diversify in the future as well and experiment with different roles in the radio industry?

RJ Neel was already a writer and has been writing since the beginning of his RJ career. Whereas, I have always been interesting in talking! But yes, singing is my passion and I want to do something good with it.

What would be your advice to youngsters at large who want to pursue a career in the radio industry?

There are so many opportunities in the radio industry. Don’t try to imitate anybody; create your own identity. Try to showcase your skills in front of people. If you have the talent in you, you can easily be a part of this industry.

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