January 12, 2021, 8:10 PM

L to R: Renu Sharma, Dhananjay Munde

L to R: Renu Sharma, Dhananjay Munde

Singer Renu Sharma lodged a complaint against Maharashtra Cabinet Minister from NCP Dhananjay Munde for allegedly raping her. However, she said she had filed a complaint against Munde on January 10 but her complaint was accepted only next day.

Sharma also wrote a letter to Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh and took to her twitter account. She wrote, “I have lodged complaint of Rape @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice against #DhananjayMunde no action till now @PawarSpeaks@supriya_sule @UdhavThackeray. Oshiwara police station is not even accepting my written complaint @Dev_Fadnavis my life is in threat please help @narendramodi."

However, in a detailed Facebook post, Munde denied all the allegations. He said:
“For some time now, some documents about me have been circulating on social media and I have been accused of rape. A woman named Renu Sharma (younger sister of Karuna Sharma) has tweeted about filing a rape complaint against me. All these allegations, which are defaming and blackmailing me, are completely false.

I have been in a consensual relationship with a woman named Karuna Sharma since 2003. My family, wife and friends have been aware of this. We (me and Karuna) have two children together – a boy and a girl. I have even given my name to these two children. In all the documents of their school certificates, my name as the parent of these children has been mentioned and these children live with me. My family, wife and my children have also accepted these children as their family members.

As they are my children, I have accepted the responsibility of their upbringing. I helped Karuna get a flat in Mumbai, procure an insurance policy and also helped her brother Brijesh set up business. I did all of this in good faith.

But, from November 2019, Karuna’s sister Renu started blackmailing me and also demanded money from me. She and her brother also threatened to harm me physically. In fact, a complaint was also lodged with the police on November 12, 2020 regarding the same. 

In November 2020, Karuna posted certain things against me on social media with an intention to defame and blackmail me. So I filed a petition in the High Court against Karuna Sharma.

Also, Renu said that I had raped her under the pretext of marriage. All these allegations are false. It’s just the siblings’ ploy to blackmail me and mint money from me. I have written proof (on SMS), in which Renu has asked for crores of rupees.”

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Posted by Dhananjay Munde on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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