March 13, 2018, 5:59 PM

Nation Next in association with Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty’s venture F…The Couch recently organised the second edition of the Nation Next Talent Hunt at Chitnavis Centre, Nagpur. At the talent hunt, several Nagpurians showcased their talent and entertained the people present. From singing to dance performances, reciting poetry to stand-up comedy, Nagpurians brought their best to the contest. It was heartening to see people of all ages participating in the talent hunt. While, five-year-old Sumedha Balpande floored the audience as she sung the song ‘Mera Naam Chin Chin Choo,’ 50-year-old Vandana Golchha won hearts as she dedicated a specially written poem by her as a tribute to legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan.

Talent unlimited

All the participants at the talent hunt were unique and talented in their own way but there were some of them who marked a strong presence and made the evening a memorable one. When Gagan Bisen sung AR Rahman’s Vande Mataram, it gave goosebumps to the people present. Santosh Hirasinghani with his imitation of actor Ranveer Singh from the movie Bajirao Mastani was equally brilliant. Another youngster who rocked the stage with his acting skills was Emmanuel Jacob who presented a emotional act and cried actually in the process!

Team effort

The entire event, which has been conceptualised by Vikant Shandilya (Editor-In-Chief, Nation Next) was managed by the editorial team of Nation Next consisting of Radhika Dhawad, Amar Ashok Jajoo, Barkha Goenka, Prince Soni, Sneha Shah, Malvika Madkholkar, Saniya Damani, Nupur Parakh, Ankita Jiwtode and Avani Bhaladhare. The show was entirely shot by the team consisting of Aditya Buty, Himanshu Pal, Aniruddha Kapatkar and Pranav Dharmpurikar. The performance videos of the winners of Nation Next Talent Hunt will be sent to the jury panel at F…The Couch and if they find the performances are good enough, the winners may get a call for auditions in Mumbai. Also, winners may get a chance to feature in future video productions of Nation Next. Subscribe to Nation Next’s YouTube channel to see the entire show, which will be uploaded soon.

Here are the winners of the Nation Next Talent Hunt at Chitnavis Centre, Nagpur -

1.      Sawani Wakharkar

2.      Sanket Wakharkar

3.      Mehul Adwani

4.      For a Change (Music band)

5.      Ayush Jain

6.      Chaahul Nagpure

7.      Santosh Hirasinghani

8.      Monti Das

9.      Dishank Mishra

10.  Pranjal Dhote

11.  Gagan Bisen

12.  Mayur Ganjre

13.  Sumedha Balpande

14.  Emmanuel Jacob

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