Jyoti Pantawane Nagarkar, constable at Kotwali Police Station, returned a bag with Rs 43,300 to its owner who had dropped it off while riding his bike.

October 17, 2020, 12:24 PM

Police constable Jyoti Pantawane Nagarkar along with owner, who lost his cash. (Picture source: Times of India)

Police constable Jyoti Pantawane Nagarkar along with owner, who lost his cash. (Picture courtesy: Times of India)

Jyoti Pantawane Nagarkar, stationed at Kotwali Police Station as Naik constable in Nagpur, by being true to her work, returned a bag containing Rs 43,300 to its 20-year-old owner. 

The owner, whose cash had accidentally fallen off his bike near Shivaji Statue at Gandhi Gate in Mahal on Wednesday, was working as an employee at a shop in the city.

Pantawane, who was on duty at the Gandhi Gate, witnessed the bag falling off from the youngster’s bike. She immediately rushed to the spot and waited for the owner to return. Unfortunately, when he didn’t turn up, she checked the bag and was surprised to see it loaded with money. 

Swiftly acting upon it, she handed the lost bag to an officer on duty at Kotwali Police Station. Pantawane informed that while handing over the bag, she did not count the money inside. 

As reported in TOI, Pantawane said, “We kept the bag at the police station. After some time, two people turned up claiming it. They could correctly tell the exact amount of money in it (Rs 43,300), following which it was returned to them after completing the formalities.”

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