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VICCO Director heads panel discussion amid COVID-19 lockdown via video conferencing

VICCO Director Sanjeev Pendharkar headed a panel discussion amid COVID-19 lockdown via video conferencing on Post-crisis scenarios and planning.
VICCO Director Sanjeev Pendharkar

VICCO Director heads panel discussion amid COVID-19 lockdown via video conferencing…

CorpGini ? a platform for corporates aimed at consistently discovering and embracing disruptive tech solutions and engaging with start-ups to adopt innovation ? organised the virtual Corporate Punch aka a virtual panel discussion on the topic Post-crisis scenarios and planning for the same? on 7th April 2020, which lasted for hour and a half.

The Corporate Punch is a revolutionary initiative by CorpGini, which intends to draw together the corporates to exchange their views about the present economic state of affairs, all across the world. It also aims at bringing collaboratively the start-ups to participate and contribute their bit by offering solutions to mitigate the damaging impact of COVID-19. 

The webinar witnessed some of the most ingenious and resourceful industry minds conversing about the repercussions and kickbacks of this corona crisis that has brought almost everything to stand still and has wrecked the nation’s economy.

The topic of discussion was Post-crisis scenarios and planning for the same? and the business leaders and industry heads were seen sharing their outlook on how they will respond to all the shifts and changes in the wake of corona catastrophe and what efforts and measures will they undertake in their respective enterprises after this pandemic is contained and the lockdown ends.

The panel comprised of Dr Ramakrishna Sonde, EVP Thermax, Sanjeev Pendharkar, MD Vicco Laboratories India, Jyotsna Sharma, CFO & IT Head Bridgestone India,  Mukund Vasudevan, MD Ecolab India, Harshal Kamdar, CFO Sequoia India,  and Ambar Timblo, Promoter & MD Fomento Group with the discussion being coordinated by Mahavir Lunawat, Founder Pantomath Group.

Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director VICCO, who strongly focussed on viewing this existential crisis as an opportunity said, “We all need to change our lens and look for the silver lining amidst all this turmoil. As hard as it is to remain positive and calm amidst this pandemic impact, one can still cash in on this chaos by several ways and means.

A clear consensus was reached among the panel members with regard to considering this period as an opportunity rather than a threat. To name some of the ways that Pendharkar shared to make good of the situation, upskilling oneself on the technology front was the first one.

?With digitisation on the rise and businesses shifting online, staying on top of technology and its trends have become more important for businesses than ever, he said.

He also expressed that this tough time can also be viewed as a chance to build a fresh network of potential customers. In fact, according to him, it is just an opportune time to generate new leads for ones business by virtually engaging with the prospective audiences and users.

Adding to it, he said, By interacting with customers and identifying their pain points related to Coronavirus, it has become a dire necessity to re-position your products and services to address their problems. This will prevent the businesses from derailing and will keep them on track once the lockdown is lifted and things return to normalcy. With challenges like supply chain disruptions, travel restrictions, cash flow management  issues surfacing in this difficult time, it becomes absolutely crucial to reflect and contemplate about the vital components of one’s business and about the products or services which bring in the most revenue thereby adjusting the offerings accordingly. Specifically talking about VICCO he said, We are presently focussing on fast-moving products of VICCO primarily like VICCO vajradanti toothpaste and powder.

He also emphasised on having a strategy in place for every possible scenario after this crisis is over. He said, We need to have a contingency plan at our disposal to deal with any circumstances that might come our way and this time can be best utilized in brainstorming and creating a coping strategy to tackle with it all, if the need arises.

He concluded his part of the discussion on a positive note, persuading every attendee to hang on and stay positive. ?Being adaptable and flexible is the key and we and our businesses are only going to bounce back stronger, he added.

The audience was seen enthusiastically bringing forth their questions pertaining to the topic. With around 3000 attendees who registered for the event, it was a great success.

ABOUT VICCO- Since its inception in 1952, VICCO has come a long way and continues to stay ahead of the game. Today the name VICCO is an iconic name all across the globe Seamlessly working towards the well-being of society, the brand while marching ahead in the skilled hands of Sanjeev Pendharkar continues to grab the retail shelves, both nationally and internationally.

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Nagpur News

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September 30, 2022 | Nagpur News | नागपुर समाचार | Hindi News Bulletin | Nation Next

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Shashi Tharoor is capable of bringing Congress back in power, says Congress leader Ashish Deshmukh




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Former MLA and Congress leader Dr Ashish Deshmukh spoke about nomination filed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor for party president post.

Congress leader Ashish Deshmukh looks on while Congress MP Shashi Tharoor files nomination papers for party chief post

Former MLA and Member of Parliamentary Board, MPCC Dr Ashish Deshmukh speaking about the nomination filed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor for the post of Congress President on Friday, said, “Dr Shashi Tharoor is a popular Congress MP who has done remarkable work for the nation at the international level. It’s very welcoming thing that the election of Congress President is being done in a democratic manner. This is an important step for decentralisation in the party and the future of Congress is bright. Soniaji and Rahulji Gandhi contributed a lot to strengthen the party.”

Former MLA and Congress leader Dr Ashish Deshmukh spoke about nomination filed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor for party president post.

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Congress leader Deshmukh added, “This is an important step taken by the Congress elites for the elections in a democratic manner so that the party can take a higher flight. Dr Shashi Tharoor has cordial relations with everyone in the party; he has the ability to give a new direction to the party. I believe that he will be able to handle the responsibility of bringing the Congress to power in the country by taking the party forward with new strength. If he seriously deals with issues like unemployment, industry, agriculture, inflation then Congress will have fruitful days. By doing transparent politics, he will definitely convey the thought of Congress to the people at the grassroots level. If you want a rejuvenated, bigger and dynamic Congress party, Dr. Shashi Tharoor is the right candidate. He has the open support of Congress delegates in 12 states and is getting the support of Congress leaders and activists from all over India. He will be elected for sure.”

Deshmukh informed that Tharoor would be visiting Nagpur on October 1 and 2 to hear out all thoughts of Congress delegates.

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He added, “Then COVID-19 struck the world. Now we plan to continue it from next year onwards. While I express my gratitude to Nagpurians to make the event a huge hit, I request the city’s garba revellers to not get fooled as a few garbas are falsely claiming to be The Raaas. We’ll be back next year for sure!”

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