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Winter session day 3: To eradicate 6% of black money, PM Modi has troubled 100 crore Indians: Prithviraj Chavan

Prithviraj Chavan said that cabinet minister Mahadev Jankar should be removed as he misused his power in the Gadchiroli local body elections.

The opposition on the third day of Maharashtra Assembly in Nagpur collectively attacked the BJP for carrying out the demonetisation drive stating that it has affected poor people, farmers and the common man heavily. Former CM Prithviraj Chavan in his speech vehemently opposed the concept of ?cashless economy. He even asked CM Devendra Fadnavis in the House if his party had been using credit cards and cheques all this while during elections.


 For the past one month, almost 80-100 crores of Indians are standing in queues for hours to exchange notes due to the demonetisation by PM Modi. We are not going to achieve anything from this act. Had we implemented demonetisation correctly, people would have supported it. Having said this, demonetisation is a good step but if we want to genuinely eradicate black money or stop terrorism, this alone is not sufficient. No country in the world has benefitted from demonetisation so far. Nobody has thought of this step as a thoughtful step. PM Modi had highlighted two salient features of demonetisation when he broke the news of demonetisation. First was corruption and the other was fake currency that is being printed in Pakistan (that in turn funds terrorists). But, the actual reason behind note ban is the upcoming Uttar Pradesh and Punjab elections are the actual reason for the government to introduction of Rs 2000 currency notes. Rs 2000 denomination note would be clearly useful during upcoming Punjab elections. The RBI isn’t ready for the process of demonetisation as it’s too quick. They want two months to print new notes of Rs 500. Modi’s decision of demonetisation was completely political in nature as the code of conduct for Uttar Pradesh and Punjabs elections would be announced on January 15, 2017. Black money is also created through elections as politicians use a lot of black money. I want CM Devendra Fadnavis to cross his heart and answer if the BJP really didn’t use black money during the recent Vidhan Parishad and Lok Sabha elections. Did they really use credit card and cheques during elections I request the government to immediately stop Rs 2000 denomination note and issue more of Rs 500 notes along with new notes of Rs 200 denominations. Only then we can move towards a cashless India.

Firstly, India’s black money and our unaccounted money are two different things. Black money is like cancer, something with which every country is fighting against. According to the income tax reports ands records, only 6% is the money that is being kept in the form of black money. Majority of the black money is in foreign accounts, for which we know how worried is our PM! We could see his inaction during Lok Sabha. Hes extremely worried, but that’s a different thing that nothing has happened so far! (Laughs). Either this black money is stacked in the form of gold, real estates or shares in benami companies. So, why is only the 6% (which is in the form of currency notes) being targeted and not the black money, which accounts for 94% of the total unaccounted money? It’s good that we are tackling the 6% black money, which is an impediment for our nations growth today. But, this is not the crux of the problem that we have to primarily tackle. We should eradicate black money from its roots. Its time we raise our voices against black money and corruption. Did the BJP get back our black money from abroad

Talking about fake notes, I know for a fact that our intelligence agency RAW has the complete knowledge about the exact place where fake currency notes are being printed in Pakistan. So, we should be doing a surgical strike? on those locations. Also, our new notes have reached Pakistan but our farmers in India are still struggling to procure them! Did we ever write to Pakistan about the issue that we are facing because of them? The National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) informed that India too has been printing fake currency notes.

Demonetisation was primarily implemented to curb terrorism and to stop printing of fake currency notes. But PM Modi, in his six speeches on demonetisation so far, has focussed on black money 18 times, and on Pakistan mere six times! Former RBI governor Raghuram Raghav didn’t support demonetisation as he too felt it couldn’t work; as a reason he was asked to leave. He was of the view that denomination notes of 500 shouldn’t be banned. Countries like North Korea, Burmah, etc too tried to implement demonetisation but failed. The government has all the right to implement demonetisation but why solely focus on note ban? Ever since the news of demonetisation broke out, people started buying gold and middlemen too made good money. Middlemen, in the form of commission, were receiving the money that our government should have received. Our CM Devendra Fadnavis and PM Modi are propagating cashless economy, but do we really have good Internet connectivity in rural areas In fact, even sufficient ATMs don’t exist there.

Also, to make our economy cashless, we have to keep in mind some serious security concerns, as we can’t afford a security breach in any condition. If a cashless economy fails, only PM Modi would be held responsible. The sudden emergence of Paytm? has also raised many eyebrows, as Alibaba, a Chinese company, has been one of the major gainers in the demonetisation drive. We shouldn’t allow any foreign companies to enter our economy. The decision of demonetising the economy was taken without anybodys opinion. Still, Indians especially farmers are adjusting by making their ends meet despite facing the brunt, only for the betterment of our country. I request CM Devendra Fadnavis to urge PM Modi to implement the system of ?open voting? for MLC and municipal elections. The results might take sometime but it’s going to be fruitful. I would just like to say that demonetisation is a blunder!

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Nagpur News

Rushikesh Lohit reigns as numero uno in Rapid Championship; Shaunak Badole tops Nagpur Blitz Championship




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur

Rushikesh Lohit won the Nagpur District Rapid Championship while Shaunak Badole won the Nagpur District Blitz Chess Championship.

Rushikesh Lohit won the Nagpur District Rapid Championship while Shaunak Badole won the Nagpur District Blitz Chess Championship held at Vivekanand Hall, Shraddha House, Kingsway, Near Kasturchand Park in Nagpur.

The championship was organised  by Chess Association Nagpur in association with Kalpana Prakash Welfare Foundation and G.H.Raisoni Sports and Cultural Foundation. Muktanand Pendsey finished second in the both Rapid and Blitz Championship. Rushikesh Lohit and Muktanand Pendsey will represent Nagpur in the Rapid Championship and Shaunak and Muktanand will represent Nagpur District in the Maharashtra State Blitz Championship.

Mangesh Kashikar, Secretary, Nagpur District Badminton Association and Vice President of Maharashtra Badminton Association was the Chief Guest who distributed the prizes. Bhushan Shriwas, Secretary, CAN and Kalpana Prakash Welfare Foundation, SS.Soman, Working President, CAN and Amrish Joshi, Chief Arbiter were present on the occasion.

The Top two finishers of Rapid and Blitz Championship were awarded Trophies whereas the players finishing from 3rd to 10th place were awarded Medals in both the championship. In addition to the main prizes, age group prizes were also distributed to top two finishers in each group.

The championship was conducted by Chief Arbiter Amrish Joshi assisted by SNA Swati Kumbhalkar, SNA Amit Tembhurne, Shyam Agrawal, Prayas Amabde and Prathamesh Machave.

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Wine connoisseurs come together at Wine and Food Festival 2022 in Nagpur




Avani Arya | Photographer : Nitin Mankar | Nagpur

Wine connoisseurs came together at Wine and Food Festival 2022 in Nagpur, which took place on December 3 and 4. This was the ninth edition. It was hosted by Nagpur Wine Club, and was held at Bhagwati Lawn. The festival was open to all, where people enjoyed wine tasting and lip-smacking food by The Breakfast Story, Nagpur. Nation Next brings you some exclusive photos from the event.

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Nagpur News

‘Maharashtra government responsive towards issues of traders,’ assures Eknath Shinde




Nation Next Newsroom | Nagpur
Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said Maharashtra government was responsive towards issues of traders.

L to R: Eknath Shinde and Dipen Agrawal

At the outset Dr Dipen Agrawal, President of Chamber of Associations of Maharashtra Industry and Trade (CAMIT) welcomed Chief Minister, Eknath Shinde with a floral bouquet in prominent presence of Krupal Tumane MP, Ramtek and submitted memorandums highlighting harassment of traders by Local Body Tax department across the state under the garb of LBT Assessment. He also appraised about the issue of Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA) and he further brought to the notice of CM about the exorbitant hike in rent by Corporations & their coercive action on traders.

Dr Agrawal on behalf of traders of Maharashtra expressed his gratitude towards Eknath Shinde about Local Body Tax being abolished (LBT with effect from August 2015. Though LBT was abolished in 2015 but the ghost of LBT is haunting traders now and then, department in routine are passing ex-party (best judgement) orders raising inflated and fictitious tax demands and using them to justify continuance of LBT Department. Records from LBT Appellate Authority will evidence the correctness of this statement. He also informed that LBT Department in various Corporation indulged in issuing back dated assessment orders for previous financial years. He appealed to CM that the issue requires his urgent attention, intervention and directions for closure of LBT Department in all Municipal Corporations with immediate effect to ensure ease of doing business in the state and save traders from unnecessary harassment.

Eknath Shinde acknowledged that he is aware of the issue. He assured to discuss the issue in cabinet and ensure that the issue is addressed on priority basis.

Dr Dipen Agrawal informed CM, that since last few years Municipal Corporations across the state stopped renewing lease/license of property leased/licensed by them. In 2019 the state government came up with Maharashtra Municipal Corporations (Renewal of Lease or Transfer of Immovable Property) Rules, 2019. These Rules were strongly opposed by trade associations. However, after its implementation the litigation between the lessee/tenants and Corporations went to court added Dr Agrawal. 

After great persuasion by the then LOP, you as minister for UDD agreed to the demand to put the notification dated 13/09/2019 in abeyance and review the exorbitant annual rent at 8% property value and fix the annual rent acceptable to all stakeholders. 

After the issue was raised on the floor of the house, the State government stayed the operation of notification dated 13/09/2019 and constituted a committee of government officers to review and fix fresh rent. When we approached few members of the committee to submit our suggestions’ we learnt that the committee is of opinion that the notification in question does not apply to the Licensee holder. 

Hence, in the background of above facts and circumstances Agrawal requested CM, to intervene and have the pending notification issued and fix the rent at 0.5% of Ready Reckoner value for residential & 1% for commercial lease holder Galedharaks . He further requested to notify similar rules and frame a single policy for the Licensee Galedharaks across the state and in cases where shop/otta is licensed by Corporation the annual rent be fixed at the rate of 2% of value as per ready reckoner and as the lease/license fee will be calculated on ready reckoner the clause of periodic increase dose not survive also the lease / license should be transferable and transfer fee to be charged equal to one month rent/fee for transfer within blood relation and equal to three months’ rent/fee for transfer outside blood relation and the agreed new lease rent/license fee to be made applicable prospectively and not retrospectively.

Eknath Shinde said that the issue is under active consideration and assured to look into the matter and discuss with Chief Minister, Eknath Shinde to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Dr. Dipen Agrawal further informed Eknath Shinde that the first notification declared 5 Km area touching outer limits of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) as Nagpur Metro Region issued in 1995 which was thereafter increased time to time to present limit of 25 Km from boundary of NMC. In 2010 Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) was entrusted with responsibility of Special Planning Authority for Nagpur Metro Region the limits. In 2012 NIT passed resolution for preparing development plan for Metro Region and published Draft Development Plan (2012-2032) calling objection and suggestions, in the year 2015. In 2017 Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA) was established. In 2018 Final Development Plan (2012-2032) for Nagpur Metro Region was sanctioned and notified. NMRDA action is based on following three main reasons:- 

1) Side margins are not as per 2012-2032 DCR; Dr. Agrawal highlighted that majority of units i.e., 59% were established before the 2012-NIT resolution and 85% were established before the first publication of 2015-Draft Development Plan (2012-2032), and pointed out that it is unjust on part of NMRDA to expect these units to maintain the margins prescribed in DCR (2012-32).

2) Building plan/ Non-agriculture use is not sanctioned by competent authority; Dr. Agrawal pointed out that under MRTP Act the power to change use of land is can be delegated to Thasildar and powers to authorise development to Gram Panchayat concerned. Invoking these powers Thasildar was approving and sanctioning NA Permissions and Gram Panchayat was sanctioning Building Plans. The units in good faith have taken these permissions from them and further submitted to other Government agencies.

3) Land earmarked for purpose other than industrial/commercial; MRTP Act provides for survey and preparing ‘existing-land-use’ map by Planning Authority after its declaration of intention of preparing a Development Plan. It is surprising to note that the area of many units established prior to declaration of intention of preparing Development Plan is not classified under industrial/commercial zone.

Dr. Dipen Agrawal humbly requested CM to grant an Amnesty Scheme for regularization wherein interest & penalty would be waived and also direct the authorities to notify that the MSME units established prior to 06/01/2018 (the date on which the DCR 2012-2032 for Nagpur Metropolitan Region was notified) should be saved from the provisions of the said DCR.

Eknath Shinde said that the government is sized with issue and assured to resolve the matter in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Dr. Dipen Agrawal, President-CAMIT on behalf of business community of the state expressed his gratitude towards Eknath Shinde, Chief Minister, Krupal Tumane, Member of Parliament, Ramtek for being sensitive towards the issues of trade & industry of the state.

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