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Eat at just Rs 9 to Rs 99 at ‘The Nukkad Wala’, a place that takes you down the memory lane

With an intention of the serving dishes, which we have forgotten with time and at affordable prices – The Nukkad Wala – (an eatery) was inaugurated recently at NIT Complex, North Ambazari Road, Nagpur. Nagpur MLA Sudhakarrao Deshmukh inaugurated the restaurant owned by Ashish and Soniya Vijaywargi. Friends of the Vijaywargi family also attended the inauguration to wish Ashish and Soniya the very best for the new venture.

Pocket friendly!

Speaking to Nation Next about the reason behind the inception of the restaurant and its unique name, Soniya Vijaywargi said, My son Arnav studies in Delhi and comes across a lot of problems pertaining to good food on a daily basis. Also, the food available is very costly. Taking a cue from this, we came up with The Nukkad Wala. Our restaurant is for the common man as the price range at our place is just from Rs 9 to Rs 99! The food available at our place is the delicious food, which used to be available at ‘Nukkads’ (roadside) in the olden days. Now with time, the Nukkad eateries have vanished and we miss them! Through The Nukkad Wala, we intend to bring those food items back at affordable prices. Some of the items available at our place include Kulhad ki chai, Rabdi jalebi, Mal poha, Lassi, Kanche wala soda, etc.

Old school interiors

Interestingly, the interiors of The Nukkad Wala are completely old school. From switches to window glasses, from teacups to food jars, everything is old school. Even old paper cuttings can be seen on the wall along with photo frames of old movie posters. Speaking about the interiors, Soniya said, The things that we have used for the interiors are not readily available. We hunted for everything from different cities and from the internet too.

Pictures by: Suyash Sethiya

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LGBTQ+ community members share their stories, wave rainbow flags to mark ‘Pride month’




Nation Next Newsroom | Photographer : Nitin Mankar | Nagpur

Members of the LGBTQ+ community in Nagpur shared their stories and waved the rainbow flags to mark the end of Pride Month (June 1 – June 30) during an event held at VR Mall on June 30. The intention behind the event was to spread awareness about the issues pertaining to the community and bring the members under one roof.

To attract the attention of the people in the mall towards the importance of Pride Month, a group of youngsters performed during a flash mob. Thereafter, Anand Chandrani, Nikunj Joshi, Vidya Kamble, Mohini, Aditya and Myra Gupta from Sarathi Trust shared their stories and addressed problems faced by the community.

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Actress Neha Sharma, models sashay down the ramp at ‘Blenders Pride Fashion Nights’ in Nagpur




Amar Ashok Jajoo | Photographer : Nitin Mankar | Nagpur

Actress Neha Sharma came calling to Nagpur on June 18 as she sashayed down the ramp for designer Nikita Mhaisalkar along with top models at the Blenders Pride Fashion Nights organized at Hotel Radisson Blu.

Above are some of the pictures from the event ↑

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Couples have a blast, win awards at ‘Hollywood Oscar Night’ in Nagpur




Nation Next Newsroom | Photographer : Bhavesh Mahalle | Nagpur

Couples from a group/club called ‘The Core’ were spotted having a blast at a ‘Hollywood Oscar Night’ themed party recently organised at Chattarpur Farms in Nagpur. The party was hosted by Rupali and Dhiraj Agrawal with Priyanka and Ashwin Jain.

During the night, couples and individuals were given taglines and awards based on their respective personalities. The award categories were ‘Enthusiastic and dynamic couple,’ Modern Romeo and Juliet, etc. After the award ceremony couple danced and sung together to make the night memorable.

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