October 24, 2016, 3:37 AM
Priyanka Jagga

Bigg Boss has undoubtedly become one of the most favourite and famous reality shows of India. Its 10th season is gaining more popularity, as, along with the celebrities, the common people have also been roped in. After the completion of the first week, one thing is for sure that ‘Indiawaale’ are no less than the ‘Stars’ and are capable enough to win the show.

Nation Next came to know that in the first elimination round tonight, Priyanka Jagga is the one who’ll get eliminated out of the Bigg Boss season 10, as she has got the minimum votes in the voting round.

Right from the first day, Priyanka Jagga, a member of team Indiawaale, has been majorly involved in the fights and arguments with the fellow contestants. Her straight forward and blunt behaviour has not been appreciated by all. Often, team celebrities term her deeds as publicity stunts. On the first day of the show, Priyanka got engaged in a heated argument with VJ Bani over the latter’s age. She also had been having continuous arguments with Lopamudra Raut (Miss United Continents 2016- runner up), saying that Lopa made tasteless food, and she didn’t know how to clean the carpet. She even got into a huge fight with chocolate boy Rohan Mehra (Yeh Rishta Kya Keh lata Hai) for spilling the water on her. In the Friday episode, the two inmate teams - Indiawaale and celebs -  of the Bigg Boss house were given their first joint task. Gaurav Chopra and VJ Bani from celeb team and Priyanka Jagga and Naveen Prakash from team Indiawaale were chosen for the ‘Rocking Horse’ task, where both the teams were supposed to sit on top of the rocking horses and keep them in motion at all times, without their feet touching the ground. The team to quit first would lose. Priyanka showed her extreme perseverance to win the task, and she even literally peed in her pants on the national television. Due to which, celebrities seemed quiet disgusted, while on the other side, Indiawaale happily cheered and applauded her for her ‘never give up’ attitude.

As Priyanka became the most noted contestant in the Bigg Boss house in the first week, it was no surprise for her to get nominated for the elimination by her fellow contestants. Priyanka shared the elimination platform with Gaurav Chopra, Mona Lisa and Manu Punjabi. The episode hosted by Salman Khan on Saturday clearly showed how uncomfortable celebrities had become due to Priyanka’s regular tantrums. They even tagged her as Khalnayika of the Bigg Boss house. Salman even pointed out Priyanka’s behaviour, as she had been repeatedly making a mountain out of a molehill over the past one week. He even advised her to never pass comments on the contestants’ family background.

Maximum footage was scored by Priyanka from the day one. Let's see how days pass in the Bigg Boss house and who becomes the queen or king of entertainment!

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