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Parts of Nagpur experience ‘Zero Shadow Day;’ phenomenon to continue till Thursday

People in various parts of Nagpur experienced ‘Zero Shadow Day’ at 12:10 pm on Tuesday. The Zero Shadow Day is a phenomenon that occurs twice a year ‘once during Uttarayan and once during Dakshinayan’ at places that have .5 and -23.5 degrees latitude. On these two days, the sun during noon casts a very little shadow of objects on the earth.

On this day, when the sun crosses the local meridian, the sunrays fall exactly vertical to the objects on the ground and one cannot observe any shadow of it thus making it appear like there’s no shadow. Nagpur district and tehsils are observing this day from May 24 to May 28.

While many parts of the town including Butibori, Hingna, and Kuhi observed the phenomenon on Tuesday, areas including Mauda, Ramtek, Parseoni, and Katol  observed the same on Wednesday. This phenomenon was experienced at different times in different places around the world.

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