September 4, 2018, 12:42 AM

Poetry lovers and enthusiasts from Nagpur were spotted reciting their own poems at an open mic session – Ek Dastaan – organised at Glocal Square on September 2. The event was organised by city youngster Azeem Khan to celebrate his poet father Dr Nadeem Khan’s 61st birthday.

Speaking about the purpose behind organising the event, Azeem Khan said, “Everybody has some emotions in them, which they don’t express very often. With Ek Dastaan, I wish to provide a platform to budding poets to express their emotions through their poetic creations. This is the fourth time I have organised this open mic session and this time it is even more special as it is my father’s birthday!”

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At the open mic event, which was hosted by RJ Divya (from Radio Mirchi), around sixty five participants were given two minutes each to recite their respective poems. And when these participants recited their literary creations, it made for a wonderful and delightful afternoon for everybody present.

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