June 21, 2019, 12:21 AM

In a big development, Saoji Restaurants and Dhabas in Nagpur may soon be able to serve liquor to the customers, as there are reports doing the rounds that the State Excise Department has decided to grant the status of ‘permit room’ to around 150 such eateries in Nagpur.

It is to be noted that, since November 2018, Excise Department has started taking strict actions against Saoji restaurants and dhabas, which allow customers to drink alcohol on the eatery premises. In the last six months, 75 raids have been conducted at different eateries and 141 people have been booked for consuming alcohol at such places.

Following this, many Saoji restaurants and Dhabas owners demanded a ‘permit room’ status for their establishments. State Excise department’s move to grant the ‘permit room’ status to these eateries aims at curbing the illegal sell and consumption of alcohol and also avoid loss of revenue to the department.

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