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Nagpur: Kingsway Hospital starts liver disease and transplant unit

With an intention to provide advanced healthcare to patients with liver disease, Nagpur’s Kingsway Hospital recently started a liver disease and transplant unit at its premises.

The addition of the unit at the hospital is crucial given the medical statistics. Close to 40,000 people die every year while waiting for a liver transplant. Only one out of 10 patients who need a liver, receive one.

The start of the unit at Kingsway Hospital is significant development in Central India as majority of Indian states do not even have liver donation programs and hence patients are forced to travel long distances and spend large amount of money to get treatment.

The unit at Kingsway Hospital will deliver comprehensive treatment to patients with all kinds of liver problems such as acute liver failure, end stage liver disease and liver tumours. The unit will also provide treatment for liver diseases of children, including adult and pediatric liver transplants from both from living and deceased donors. The team at the liver disease and transplant unit at Kingsway Hospital consists of Dr Prakash Jain (Liver Transplant Surgeon), Dr Samir Patil and Dr Amol Samarth (Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologists).

For the uninitiated, LDLT (Living Donor Transplantation) is now a well-established procedure for end stage liver disease, providing options for patients who would otherwise die. Many steps have been taken by transplant teams around the world to improve donor safety. These have been shared across countries and programs so that the procedures and patients remain safe.

One such recent step is the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques for donor operations. Laparoscopic and robotic operations are being done to reduce the effects of major surgery for donors. They experience less post-operative pain, are able to return to work and regular life earlier and have better scars. It is should be noted that now all of this is accessible to the patients in Central India and around.

After a liver transplant, up to 70% of a donor liver can be removed and transplanted into the person suffering from chronic liver disease. The uniqueness of the liver is that it will grow to 80-90% of its original size in the donor and in the recipient. Clearly, the emphasis in living donor transplant is donor safety. It is absolutely essential to make sure that the healthy person donating a part of their liver does not have any long term problems with their health.

Keeping this in mind, Kingsway Hospital has tied up with Dr Vivek Vij (Director and Consultant Transplant Surgeon of Advanced Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences at Fortis Hospitals, Delhi-NCR). Dr Vij and his team have a vast experience of liver transplantation, with more than 3500 transplants done over the past 10 years.

Dr Vij is an internationally recognized transplant leader and a pioneer in laparoscopic donor hepatectomy, with more than 100 safe laparoscopic donor operations done over the past 2 years. Kingsway Hospitals is delighted to announce that with this collaboration, cutting edge treatment comparable to international centres is now at your service, within your reach. 

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Dr Vedprakash Mishra inaugurates ‘Hello Diabetes’ International Conclave in Nagpur




Amar Ashok Jajoo | Photographer : Nitin Mankar | Nagpur

Dr Vedprakash Mishra, Pro-Chancellor, Chancellor, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, inaugurated the three-day (June 24 to June 25) ‘8th Hello Diabetes Academia 2022’ International Conclave at Hotel Centre Point in Nagpur on June 25. The conclave is organized by Diabetes Care Foundation of India (Nagpur) and Dr Sunil Gupta’s Diabetes Care & Research Centre.

Also present during the inauguration were Dr Vinky Rughwani (Vice President, Maharashtra Medical Council), Dr Shashank Joshi (Core committee Chief), Dr Ajay Kaduskar (President, Association of Physicians of India, Vidarbha Chapter), Dr Vasant Kumar (National President, RSSDI), Dr Bansi Saboo (Immediate Past President of RSSDI), Dr Sunil Gupta (Organizing Chairman) and Dr Kavita Gupta (Organizing Secretary). Dr Nikhil Tandon, Dr AK Das and Dr Anil Boraskar joined virtually and gave messages.

Guests were all praises for Dr Sunil Gupta and his team for enthusiastically promoting education of diabetes over the last three decades and expressed happiness over the international conclave becoming one of the important events in India for diabetes education.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Sunil Gupta spoke about the journey of the conclave, which aims are creating public awareness about diabetes. He underlined that it is not diabetes that kills but its ignorance thereby stating that education is really necessary.

Dr Vedprakash Mishra lamented that despite promising progress made in therapy, loss of life continues alarmingly. He stated that though health is a state subject constitutionally, less than 20% expenditure is incurred on health.

Dr Bansi Saboo expressed the need of awareness about diabetes to spread not only all over India but the whole Asia and other continents. He also praised the innovative ideas of Diabetes Care & Research Centre team to connect people by rallies , skits, slogans, TV Radio and other media.

On the 2nd day of the conclave, here’s what happened:

  • Dr Ch. Vasant Kumar spoke on – ‘Future of diabetes depends on you and your actions’
  • Dr Sarita Bajaj spoke on – ‘Management of Thyroid cases from Thyroid Clinic’ 
  • Dr Sudhir Bhandari ‘Post Covid Syndrome and Diabetes” Diabetes management in chronic kidney disease spoke on – a practical approach’
  • Dr Siddhartha Das delivered ‘Hello Diabetes Academia Hippocrates oration
  • Dr Shashank Joshi informed what’s new from American Diabetes Association 2022
  • Dr Amit Gupta discussed Anemia in Diabetes
  • Dr Vinod Abhichandani spoke on evaluation of diabetes in the young
  • Dr Praveen Kalvit discussed management of Hyperglycemia in liver disease.

Dr Kavita Gupta proposed the vote of thanks. Dr Sarita Ugemuge and Dr Shlok Gupta were Master of Ceremony. The conclave will conclude tomorrow on June 26.

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World’s best microneedling device maker Dr Andrew Christie visits Nagpur’s COZMODERM clinic




Nation Next Newsroom | Nagpur

Dr Andrew R Christie with Dr Shivani Mane and others during his visit to COZMODERM clinic in Nagpur

COZMODERM, one of the leading skin hair aesthetic clinics in Nagpur, recently hosted Dr Andrew Christie Schwarz from Dermapen World, the manufacturer of world’s best microneedling device, which is used to treat various dermatology and skin related issues. 

Dr Andrew R Christie-Schwarz is the Clinical Director and Global Medical Trainer at Dermapen World, Sydney (Australia) and Medical Director at Lipservice Consulting, Paris (France). In the past, he has been featured in Neo Beauty Media in the ‘2019 People Of The Year’ list. Dr Andrew trains over 50,000 medical practitioners each year.

He exclusively visited Cozmoderm Clinic for short a CME and live demonstration. Cozmoderm clinics are one of the leading providers of this world-class technology in India. During his visit, Dr Andrew also did live session with Dr Shivani Mane, Director and Consultant Dermatologist, Cozmoderm Clinics.

Dr Andrew R Christie with Dr Shivani Mane during his visit to COZMODERM clinic in Nagpur

COZMODERM clinic is built with a goal to cater to the patients suffering from skin, hair, nail ailments as well as any cosmetic issues. The clinic offers variety of office-based surgeries and procedures. It is one of the pioneer clinics for lasers in Nagpur with state of art, all US FDA approved machines. Three of these machine launches are for the first time in Vidarbha. The clinic is equipped with comfortable procedure rooms, spacious waiting area, VIP lounge and standard sterile operation theatre. May it be any skin, hair malady or aesthetic discontent or just routine skin care regimen, the clinic has you covered!

Dr Andrew R Christie with Dr Shivani Mane and others during his visit to COZMODERM clinic in Nagpur

Dr Shivani Mane is a consultant dermatologist from Nagpur. After completing her MBBS, she earned her masters degree in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology (MD DVL).

She further pursued fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology (La Piel), fellowship in Clinical Dermatology & Dermatosurgery (Mumbai) and Fellowship in Dermatosurgery (University Of Ferrara, Italy). She is the Director and Chief Dermatologist at COZMODERM Clinic, which has two branches in Nagpur.

COZMODERM – Skin & Hair Aesthetic Clinic in Bajaj Nagar has to its name three machines launched for the first time in entire Vidarbha for laser hair reduction, scar & stretch mark reduction and ultherapy non-surgical face lift.

Contact details of clinic: 7507700030

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Maharashtra Minister Amit Deshmukh honours Nagpur’s Dr Danish Iqbal with ‘COVID Warrior’ award




Nation Next Newsroom | Nagpur

Nagpur District Oral Health Officer Dr Danish Iqbal with Maharashtra Minister Amit Deshmukh

Dr Danish Iqbal, Nagpur District Oral Health officer received the ‘COVID Warrior’ award at the hands of Maharashtra Medical Education Minister Amit Deshmukh at a function held at Yashwantrao Chavan Centre in Mumbai on May 17. Also present during the felicitation were Health Minister Rajesh Tope and Dr Narendra Kale. The function was organized by Maharashtra State Dental Council.

During the pandemic, Dr Iqbal was initially appointed as nodal officer of Central India College of Pharmacy in Nagpur’s Lonara and then as the nodal officer of VNIT quarantine centre, which was one of the biggest quarantine centres of Vidarbha.

Dr Iqbal received the recognition for his excellent work done during the pandemic. He worked under the guidance of public health department at civil surgeon office in Nagpur and sub district hospital in Kamptee. Out of the 51,000 dental surgeons in the state, 160 were shortlisted for the recognition. Dr Danish Iqbal received the recognition along with three other doctors from Vidarbha.


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