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Nagpur COVID-19 update for May 14

As of May 14 till 5 pm, the total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Nagpur have reached to 315. Four coronavirus patients have died so far and 112 people have been discharged after recovery. Here are the complete Nagpur COVID-19 update:

» Daily COVID-19 suspects: 163

» Total COVID-19 suspects: 2,648

» COVID-19 suspects currently at hospitals: 224

– GMCH – 126

– IGGMCH – 98

» Total number of COVID-19 suspects admitted till now: 2,078

– GMCH – 885

– IGGMCH – 1193

» Total COVID-19 positive patients currently: 201

– GMC – 116*

– IGGMCH – 85

» Persons tested today: 547

» Persons tested till now: 6832

» Total number of COVID-19 positive cases: 315

– GMCH – 173*

– IGGMCH – 144

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» Total number of COVID-19 patients discharged till now: 112

–  GMCH – 55

– IGGMCH – 57

» Total COVID-19 suspects discharged till now: 1,850

– GMCH – 757

– IGGMCH – 1,093

» COVID-19 suspects put under institutional quarantine today: 109

» COVID-19 suspects put under institutional quarantine till now:  2,114

» COVID-19 suspects sent home from quarantine centres: 242

» COVID-19 suspects home quarantined: 310

(P.S* – Two case at GMCH have been referred from Amravati and Chandrapur)

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Nagpur Next

1st COVID-19 case in Ramdaspeth crops up near Cabinet Minister Vijay Wadettiwars residence




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur
Vijay Wadettiwar

For the first time, a resident of Ramdaspeth tested positive for Coronavirus on Saturday. The patient, who is said to be residing in an apartment near Cabinet Minister for Relief and Rehabilitation in the Maha Vikas Aghadi and senior Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwars residence (behind Tuli Imperial), is said to be a middle-aged woman. 

The patient is reportedly connected to a resident from Mominpura. However, nothing concrete as of now can be said about the same. More details are awaited.

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Nagpur: 91 test positive in 24 hours making COVID-19 tally rise to 1266




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur

Nagpur COVID-19 tally as on June 20 rose to 1266 after 91 people tested positive for the virus in past 24 hours. Out of the total 91, while 69 patients belonged to Naik Talao/Bangladesh, 11 from Shantinagar, four from Lashkaribagh, three from Ganeshpeth, one from Uppalwadi, one from Ramdaspeth, one from Mehendibagh and one belonged to Mominpura.

Out of the total, 823 have been cured and over 333 are currently being treated upon.

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Nagpur man discovers 4-month-old foetus in gutter; cops suspect illegal abortion




Nation Next Newsroom | Nagpur

In yet another shocking incident, a resident named Rahul Tumane discovered a 4-month-old foetus lying in an abandoned condition behind his house (near plot number 13, behind Kajal Bar and Restaurant area) in Pardi inside a gutter. 

Police inspector Sunil Chavan told Nation Next that a four-month-old foetus, wrapped in a cloth, was found lying inside a gutter near a house on Thursday night in Pardi. Chavan also informed that the foetus was sent for an autopsy to Mayo Hospital and the reports are awaited. Police have suspected the possibility of abandonment after an illegal abortion. 

A case has been registered under Section 318 (Concealment of birth by secret disposal of a dead body) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) on the basis of a complained filed by Tumane. 

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