November 22, 2016, 1:25 AM
In a brawl between Nagpur MLA Krishna Khopde's sons and Cloud 7 bar owners, a 21-year-old youngster - Shubham Mahakalkar was killed yesterday night.
Shubham Mahakalkar (the 21-year-old who was killed) and MLA Krishna Khopde's sons, Abhilash (top) and Rohit (bottom). (Picture source: Shubham, Abhilash and Rohit's social accounts.)

On Sunday, November 20, 2016 an argument took place between the owner of Cloud 7 bar, Shankar Nagar Square, Nagpur and the son of the sitting BJP MLA Krishna Khopde's son, Abhilash Khopde and his friends. Sometime later, at around 11 pm this minor argument which snowballed into a massive fight resulted in the death of a young boy! The boy has been identified as Shubham Mahakalkar (21), a resident of Mahal. Shubham was Abhilash's friend. Two separate FIRs have been lodged related to this incident.

The First FIR

According to the police, Abhilash and some of his friends were partying at the Cloud 7 bar late in the evening. When the time came to pay the bill, they had an argument with the son of the owner of the bar - Sawan Pramod Bamrotwar over the bad service at the bar and the unreasonable bill. The argument got so heated up that Sawan  was attacked with liqour bottles on his head! Sawan  then informed his father and his brother Shobhit about the incident. Both of them immediately went to the Ambazari Police Station and lodged a FIR against Abhilash Khopde and his friends.

The Second FIR

After lodging the FIR at the Ambazari Police station, Sawan  called his friends who were chasing Abhilash Khopde and Rohit Khopde (who was called by Abhilash after the incident as per police). Sawan along with Shobhit and his friends went to Laxmi Bhavan Square and attacked the Khopde brothers and their friends with rods, hockey sticks and sharp weapons. It was during this that Shubham Mahakalkar was killed and Sawan, Abhilash and Abhilash's friend - Akshay Khandare were seriously injured. After this incident, a counter FIR was lodged by Akshay Khandare's family at the Ambazari Police Station. Assistant Police Inspector Netam filed the FIR against Shobhit and his friends under sections 302 and 307 of the Indian Penal Code.

Abhilash is being treated at Kimatkar Hospital, Lakadganj, Akshay is being treated at Rahate Hospital, Central Avenue and Sawan Bamrotwar is being treated at admitted at Sengupta Hospital, Ravi Nagar Square. The police is investigating the case for further details and is in search of Shobit Bamrotwar, Akshay Lade, Swapnil Deshmukh, Mohsin Khedikar, Rahul Yadav and Girish Girdhar who are absconding.

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