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Home remedies for removing makeup

Getting ready, putting makeup on is never a problem for girls, but what bothers the most is removing makeup! *sob* *sob*

Most of the makeup products contain ingredients which are hard to remove. Vigorous rubbing of makeup remover over the face can leave your skin with rashes and dryness. At this time, simple yet effective home remedies for removing makeup can always be at rescue.

Here are some home remedies for removing makeup. These remedies will keep your skin fresh, hydrated and can gradually improve skin texture!

Remedy 1: Raw Milk

Reasons to use: Milk is the best makeup remover and cleanser, period!

How to use: Take a cup of raw milk, dab a cotton ball into it and start removing your makeup slowly and steadily by applying the milk with the help of the cotton ball. Eye makeup is the most difficult to remove.  Gently press the cotton ball over your eye lids to remove the eye shadow, mascara and the eye liner. Applying milk and leaving it on the face for a few minutes helps the makeup to loosen up. After which it can be easily removed with wet wipes or a cotton ball.

Remedy 2: Alove Vera Gel

Reasons to use: Aloe Vera gel contains Vitamin A, B, C and E and has unbelievable healing properties. So girls, it’s not just a cactus-look-a-like plant in your garden, it’s much more than that!

How to use: Cut an Aloe Vera leaf, wash it with normal tap water, take a knife, cut the leaf into two, rub the sticky potion all over your face and immediately take a cotton ball or wet-wipes to remove all the makeup. *ta-da*.

Tip: Aloe Vera gel shouldn’t be left on the face for long as it can make your skin dry and patchy.


Remedy 3: Almond Oil

Reasons to use: Almond Oil is used as an ingredient in many skin care products as it nurtures the skin in numerous ways. Almond oil has healing properties heals and is a natural moisturizer. It is an amazing anti-oxidant and helps protecting the skin from sun damage and signs of ageing.

How to use: Apply Almond oil directly to your face in circular motions. After a little massage, use cotton, tissues or wet-wipes to remove the makeup. Wash your face then with lukewarm water. Unlike most makeup removers, almond oil is gentle over the skin and with no extra effort the make-up can removed with its help.

Remedy 4: Coconut Oil

Reasons to use: Coconut oil, is cheaper than cleansing wipes and store bought makeup removers. Use of coconut oil can improve skin quality and also helps in removing wrinkles. Coconut oil not only has healing properties for the face but can help repair damaged hair, cracked feet and scars.

How to use: Like any other oil, coconut oil also has to be directly applied to the face with some massage which helps in removing makeup. Use wet wipes or cotton to thoroughly remove residues. With continuous use of mascara, eye lashes do tend to fall, this oil provides them with extra strength!

Remedy 5: Olive Oil

Reasons to use: Olive Oil is not only good for face but also for your stomach as it has minimal fattening ingredients. Olive oil is must in every kitchen for a health conscious family. It has superb exfoliating ingredients that leave skin healthy, shiny and bright. Olive Oil, in fact is present in many expensive makeup products because its non sticky.

How to use: Just like the other two oils, apply olive oil directly to your face and carefully around the eyes. Use cotton or wet-wipes to wipe the oil of your face and then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Remedy 6: Cucumber

Reasons to use: Cucumber slice (yes, you read it right),  has some of the most refreshing ingredients which not only help removing makeup but also helps to cure uneven skin tone and dark circles. Cucumber is a natural tan remover and scrubbing its seeds can make your skin a tone lighter. Cucumber is used in most of the wipes these days because of its freshness and moisturizing properties.

How to use: Chop the cucumber into slices and then rub those slices on your face. Use cotton or wet-wipes to remove the leftovers. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Cucumber will not help in removing makeup but also helps in removing  dirt and blackheads from your face.

Use these home remedies and Voila, with no extra money and no extra effort, your make-up removal problems will be solved!

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