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Nagpur got its first 100 COVID-19 cases in 45 days, got another 100 in just 12 days

The rapidly rising number of COVID-19 cases in Nagpur has become a major concern not only for the authorities but also for citizens at large. Whats more worrisome is the fact that while it took 45 days for Nagpur to record 100 COVID-19 cases, another hundred cases in the city were recorded in just 12 days! Yesterday, Nagpur saw the biggest spike in terms of COVID-19 positive cases, which took total number of cases beyond 200.

Nagpur recorded its first case of Coronavirus on March 11, 2020. A middle-aged-man working in an IT company and who had returned from a US trip tested positive for Coronavirus. Thereafter, a Khamla resident, who returned from Delhi, was tested positive for the virus. Close contacts of both of these men were affected and later turned out to be positive for the viurus. Cases also emerged in Satranjipura and Mominpura areas of Nagpur. Gradually, till April 24, the cases continue to rise taking the number of cases in Nagpur beyond 100.

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It is to be noted that the man from Satranjipura, who was tested positive for the virus after his death, became a source of virus to more than 100 people, who visited him during his final days or visited his house after his death. A man from Mominpura, who returned from Delhi, was also tested positive for the virus and is said to have been a source of virus to several others.

Following the spike in cases, Nagpur Municipal Corporation quarantined 1,408 citizens of Satranjipura. Over the last few days, more than 500 residents of Mominpura were also quarantined. While most of the cases turning out to be positive in Nagpur are the people, who have already been quarantined, yesterdays (May 6) news of a 22-year-old boy from Parvati Nagar testing positive for virus after his death has left everybody worried. The area has now been sealed and people who came in touch with the deceased are being quarantined.

While three COVID-19 positive men have died, 65 people have been discharged from the hospital so far.

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When Lata Mangeshkar got offended by Dilip Kumar and didn’t speak to him for 13 years




Akshara Rohankar | Mumbai

Late Lata Mangeshkar and legendary actor late Dilip Kumar were known to share a special bond. She would also tie rakhi to the latter.

Nightingale of India, late Lata Mangeshkar and legendary actor late Dilip Kumar were known to share a special bond. So much so that the Queen of Melody would also tie rakhi to the latter. She was among the close ones who visited the late actor during his last days. But do you know the reason why their relation had gone sour, as a result of which they did not speak for 13 long years?

The story dates back to the time when Lata Mangeshkar was to sing ‘Laagin Naahi Chhute’ for the film Musafir, in 1957. At that time, Kumar told music composer Anil Biswas, “The Urdu of Marathis (Maharashtrians) is like dal and rice.” This offended the veteran singer, after which she decided to hone her Urdu speaking skills.

After 13 years when they met in 1970, the veteran singer remarked, “You know, Yusuf saab, I’d always heard you loathed me for being one up on you while recording the Laagi Naahin Chhute Rama duet with you in Musafir. But I only sang the way I can’t help singing any number.”

To this, Kumar gleefully asserted, “It’s precisely because you can’t help singing the way you do that my family and I adore you! How possibly could I loathe a voice so heavenly!”

On February 6, 2022, due to COVID-induced prolonged illness, the illustrious singer passed away in Mumbai.


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‘Even Modiji can’t finish my political career:’ Pankaja Munde




Radhika Dhawad | Beed

Pankaja Munde (Photo by: Nitin Mankar/Nation Next)

BJP National Secretary Pankaja Munde said even Prime Minister Narendra Modi wouldn’t be able to end her political career if she lived in people’s hearts and minds. Munde said the same on Tuesday while addressing a public rally — part of PM Modi’s birthday celebrations for a fortnight across Maharashtra — at Ambajogai in Maharashtra’s Beed district.

Munde said, “If I live in people’s mind and heart, even Modiji cannot end my political career… Dynasty politics has been prevailing in the Congress party. Modiji, however, wants to end the dynasty rule… I hail from a political family, but if I live in your mind and heart, nobody will be able to finish (end the career) me. If I live in people’s minds and hearts, even Modiji cannot finish my political career.”

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Nagpur News

September 27, 2022 | Nagpur News | नागपुर समाचार | Hindi News Bulletin | Nation Next




Avani Arya | Nagpur

Nation Next Nagpur Bulletin brings to you a summary of major news events that took place in Nagpur on September 24, 2022.

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