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Dear RTMNU, please don’t ruin students careers; develop an app, which works!

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I am a final year student of BA (Humanities) at Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University a.k.a RTMNU. Currently, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, examinations, as you all must be aware of, are being conducted online. While I am sure that the purpose of online exams is to give some respite to students, who are already feeling pressurized because of the pandemic, it is having the exact opposite effect. In fact, RTMNU online exams have added to the woes of the students.

The exams, which were originally supposed to take place in April 2020, were postponed due to the pandemic till October 1. Then, suddenly on September 30, students received a notification that the exams will get postponed further but no date was specified.

Then, when finally the exams were conducted through the mobile app ‘RTMNU Pariksha,’ hundreds of students faced ?log in? issues. The news of the glitch spread like wildfire with several students slamming the app on social media and media houses reporting about it. However, despite the issues faced on the first day, on the second day of examinations as well, students could not appear for the online exams due to technical errors.

Helplines provided by RTMNU were of no help as the officials either kept declining calls, switching off their mobile phones or were simply busy. Imagine the level of pressure on a student who has to appear for the exam and he can’t because the app failed to work during the exam and no one from the university helps! On the second day, students waited for over five long hours before a notification was received by students through forwards that the exam has been postponed. Even in this message, no date was mentioned.

A student, who has been trying to submit his paper, which due to technical issues of the app, is not getting submitted is bound to panic as the exam results decide the future path of our careers. When I finally managed to get hold of the helpline, the person at the other end told me: Ask your mom to make tea for you. This is extremely disappointing for students and should put a university to shame, which has so many affiliated colleges in Nagpur.

The university needs to drop their barbarian ways to deal with education, stop ruining students careers and at least be able to make an app, which functions properly. I, as a student, am highly disappointed with RTMNU and the staffers. This carelessness can certainly ruin a hardworking student’s career.

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RTMNU asks ridiculous question; students face helplessness due to massive mismanagement




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur

In a first of its kind, Final Year BA students, appearing for their sixth semester at Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University (RTMNU) on Friday, were taken aback after reading some of their questions.

The students, while taking an online exam for Psychology, were in for a rude shock with the kind of questions that were thrown at them.

Nation Next came across a screenshot of one of the ridiculous questions that was asked during the Psychology paper today. 

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) asked by Nagpur University

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) asked by Nagpur University

With a question that just had several question marks along with their options with question marks too, students were in a helpless and panic situation.

When we spoke to Sneha Shah, a Psychology student from LAD College, who came across the above question while taking the online exam through an app, said, I am a student from RTMNU University, currently giving 6th semester examinations online via RTMNU Pariksha App developed by the university. Since day one (October 8th), students including me have been facing numerous technical difficulties.

My exam, on Philosophy subject on October 9, was supposed to start by 11:30 am and the app didn’t load at all.

Firstly, the date mentioned on the app was incorrect, so I tried reaching out through various helpline number, and after numerous tries, I finally got a call back from one of the numbers asking me to ?keep patience.

They continuously kept telling us to keep trying ? which we did for five hours precisely!! Later, we received a notification, which said that the exam would be postponed to either a Sunday or on some other date.

Then, on October 14th, many students failed to submit their political science paper as the submit form, upon pressing the submit button, kept buffering.
The students till now are still unsure if their paper was submitted or not, as no notification was displayed then.

On October 15th, my Supplementary English paper was delayed by one hour, again due to technical issues. A BBA student of sixth semester taking Human Resource exam, got a blank screen after ‘submitting’ his paper.

Worse, on October 16th, our exam started one hour earlier than the designated time. Even if it wasn’t a major? issue, but many questions were either out of syllabus, had errors, one of the questions had two same options ? both, of which were incorrect!

We are extremely concerned and worried about our results, as it would get affected due to such errors. Hope the university becomes careful towards us. Out future lies in uncertainty!  

Shah said RTMNU has assured that it would make students, who faced difficulties, reappear for their exams. She said few students’ online paper couldn’t get submitted due to the university’s technical glitches. She said while the allotted time for taking the exam is 60 minutes, they were given only 39 minutes.

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