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Dark Room Poets ‘a platform for budding poets, writers, storytellers and more’

Dark Room Poets

In a country where there are very few academic courses for teaching literary arts, Nagpur’s Dark Room Poets (DRP) has become one of the fastest growing platforms for budding poets, writers, storytellers and performance artists.

The community platform, which was founded in 2018 by Husain Rasheed, an award-winning poet recognised by the Government of India for his work towards literature, gained tremendous amount of success and reach across the country in just two years.

Husain Rasheed, Founder of Dark Room Poets

Excerpts of interaction with Husain Rasheed
What is Dark Room Poets and what was the idea behind this name?
Basically, what DRP started as and what DRP right now are totally two different platforms. Poets like Javed Akhtar or Gulzar got famous after catching the eye of media, but when we look at poets around us ? be it our relatives, our family members or friends, we don’t realise their talent unless their diaries are discovered.
Initially we thought, why not bring all these poets, writers and authors together and give them a community platform to perform their artwork. But, we had our vision narrowed down to only this before; post 2019, our platform transformed into completely different thing.
Many poets are born into darkness and die within darkness without their artwork being discovered. They never come into limelight, hence the name DarkRoomPoets.

How did DRP get recognition and success in a short span of time?

The success of DRP can be majorly credited to our team; I’ve been extremely lucky that I got right people while coming up with our platform. Initially, when DRP started, we were only a team of 10-11 people, but as the platform grew, many people started getting associated with us.
Within six months of our working, I knew that our model wouldn’t be able to sustain if we continued working as a community platform.
And a few months prior to that, I was looking for a mentor to hone my literary skills when I met Ibrahim Ashk, a well-known Urdu poet who wrote several Bollywood songs. I studied under him for a while.
When I came back to Nagpur, I continued my search for other mentors, but this time I was looking for a proper school, which would be able to provide degree or diploma course for poets or authors.
Please continue?
Surprisingly, I found out that there were no particular schools or colleges that were providing courses in this genre. And this made me wonder, what if there’s a platform, which can teach budding poets and writers. I discussed this idea with several famous authors, poets and teachers across the country and most of them resisted my idea saying poetry is an innate skill and that it couldn’t be taught. However, I thought that these skills can surely be honed and I wanted to provide people what I lacked while mastering my skills.
During the end of 2018, me and my team brainstormed on this idea and after March 2019, we initiated a community event called as Poetry House Party, where people could come together and brainstorm ideas, share knowledge and have a good time.
After conducting this event eight to nine times in Nagpur, we prepared Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of how we would conduct the event across different cities. We started expanding our platform in August 2019 and by January 2020 we reached over 15 cities.

Core team of DRP?
Did COVID-19 induced lockdown affect your plans
Initially, we had planned to reach around 40 cities till November 2020, and later continue with our courses. However, due to COVID-19 lockdown, we had to change our plan. To sustain our team and provide salaries to everyone, we had to launch our online courses amid lockdown.
In April, we launched our online course called ?unboxing poetry? and our strategy here was to provide offline experience through an online course. Till date, we have received a lot of positive feedback and we are doing great with these courses now.
What motivated you to chose literature and conceptualise DRP?
After engineering, I opted for management consulting and later also pursued my MBA from IIM Indore. While starting Dark Room Poets, I was in the second year of my PhD in Innovation and Management. That was when I decided to drop out and dedicate my entire time into building Dark Room Poets.

Husain Rasheed performing at one of DRP events

Husain Rasheed performing at one of DRP events
As a dropout, what challenges did you face specifically in a country where everyone aspires to either become an engineer or a doctor?
When I told my parents that I was planning to drop out from the PhD course, they were baffled. They told me that I was out of my mind; they even asked me to get engaged and settle for a year in the US. Even my professor, who was assisting me in completing my PhD, was angry with me for dropping out.
I vividly remember this one incident, when my professor insisted meet my parents. During the conversation, out of nowhere, he suggested my parents to get me married, which my parents were also in sync with. I was young at that time to even think about settling down with someone. But, eventually, I convinced them, after I started earning out of DRP events.

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RMBRCN celebrates Charter Presentation & Installation, Rina Sinha becomes Charter President



The Rotary Means Business chapter of Rotary Club Of Nagpur (RMBRCN) celebrated their Charter Presentation and Installation of Board on September 17, 2023 in a crisp official ceremony at Hotel Centre Point, Nagpur.

Rotary Means Business encourages Rotarians to support the success of their fellow Rotarians by doing business with them and by referring others to them.

Charter President Past President Rtn Rina Sinha presided over the ceremony. Renowned entrepreneur and Rotarian Aspi Bapuna, Chairman of Bapuna Group, was the Chief Guest and  Rtn Namita Sharma, President of RCN, was the Guest of Honour.

The Board of Directors of RMBRCN include Rtn Navneet Jain, Vice President, Rtn Mohammed Master, Honorary Secretary, Rtn Sanjay Aggarwal Treasurer, Rtn Rakhi Bhatia Director Chapter Service, Rtn Rahul Shrivastava, Director Vocational Service, Dr Ruchi Choudhry, Director Membership Development, Ranjana Duseja, Director Attendance.

Past Rotary District Governor (PDG) Shabbir Shakir, Past Presidents- Bharat Goenka , Khushnoor Chugh, Sanjiv Chugh, Akhtar Parvez, Tejinder Singh Rawal, Alok Goenka,  Jerestine Watchmaker, Sandeep Dhodapkar, Sanjay Arora, President RMB Nagpur, and Behram Patel and Amitabh Sinha were present.

President Rina Sinha informed that within a short period of its formation already 48 members representing various businesses  have joined the chapter and the numbers are increasing . The Chapter has already crossed 5 crores of business amongst their members and RMB will further strengthen Rotary in membership growth and retention .

Chief Guest Rtn Aspi Bapuna lauded the chapter’s success and reiterated that its comfortable and safe to do business among fellow rotarians as all follow the Four Way Test of Rotary. Jerestine introduced President Rina. Aspi Bapuna  presented the charter and installed President Rina Sinha . Rtn Namita congratulated the RMB chapter and informed that this is the new initiative at RCN.The Board was installed by Rina Sinha and all members were installed by the Past Presidents. An exclusive digital Monthly Magazine ‘Growth Engine’ was launched by Editor Niharika Chugh Vali.

 Navneet Jain and Rahul Choudhry conducted the referral and thank you session where enthusiastic members informed about their successful business details. Nishchay Sinha launched the social media and MYRMB app which connects members to other chapters digitally, Treasurer Sanjay Agarwal gave treasurers report, Rtn Rakhi Bhatia managed the event. Rtn Parag Datey and Niharika were the Masters of Ceremony (MOCs). Secretary Mohammed Master proposed the formal Vote of Thanks .

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Nitin Gadkari inaugurates double-decker electric bus availed for senior citizens in Nagpur



Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari, on Saturday, inaugurated the double-decker electric bus designed for senior citizens in Nagpur. The initiative has been undertaken in association with Ashok Leyland’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Committee and Jyeshtha Nagarik Pratishthan.

Executive President of Jyeshtha Nagarik Pratishthan Datta Meghe, Vice Chairman of Ashok Leyland Limited Yash Sachar, CEO of Switch Mobility Mahesh Babu, and other dignitaries were present during the inauguration.

“I am very thankful to Ashok Leyland’s electric vehicle arm ‘Switch Mobility’ for donating an electric bus for our senior citizens. The bus can hold a capacity of 65 people and will benefit a lot to disabled and senior citizens,” Gadkari said.

“We already have a green Electra bus available to us for the past five to six years. Krishna Reddy has taken the responsibility of repairing and providing air-conditioning to the bus, moreover, he is providing us with one additional bus. A Tata Motor bus will be arriving this month as well, giving us a total of four buses to operate. This will solve the issue of waiting list due to the lack of buses for senior citizens in the city.” he added.

With the help of these buses, senior citizens can avail the benefit of free trips to religious places like Ambhora, Adasa, Shegaon, Mahur, Dhapewada, and Kalamb.

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Nagpur: Married man accused of girlfriend’s rape commits suicide on Facebook live



A 38-year-old married man named Manish alias Raj Yadav, on Sunday, committed suicide during a Facebook live-stream after allegedly being accused of rape by his girlfriend and her family in Nagpur.

During the live stream, Manish, who was married and a father to three children, stated that his 19-year-old girlfriend, Kajal, along with her family members demanded a sum of five lakh rupees and threatened to press charges of rape if he failed to do so.

On September 6, the situation became grave as the woman’s family accused him of eloping after Kajal went missing from her residence.

The deceased refused the claims of having any sexual relationship with the woman and identified her, her family, and a photo studio operator responsible for his condition. He, then, jumped into the river.

After the live video surfaced online, Kalamna Police launched a search operation and recovered the deceased’s body from the river. Four people have been detained in the case for questioning. Further investigation is underway.

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