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Colour blindless: Last moments of George Floyd | Nation Next

Colour Blindless is a poem by senior bureaucrat Dr Ramnath Sonawane and is a tribute to George Flyod who was killed in Minneapolis by US police officers.
A mural dedicated to George Flyod, who was killed during an altercation with the US police in Minneapolis.

Derek stared at me scornfully ,

Pointing his gun at me.

He shouted ‘hands up,’

I obeyed.

He handcuffed me,

I didn’t resist.

He knocked me down,

He strangled me with his foot over my neck,

I choked.

I begged for mercy.

I said ‘I can not breathe,’

He derided.

I said again ‘I can not breathe,’

He strangled brutally.

Others standing by,

Were mute witnesses.

Nay, they were not,

They were silent in acquiesce.

As I stopped breathing,

I saw their loathing eyes,

Fuming with anger and hatred,

Because I am black George,

As I closed my eyes,

I realised,

The difference between them and us.

Dr Ramnath Sonawane

Dr Ramnath Sonawane is a senior bureaucrat who is currently the Secretary of Maharashtra Water Resource Regulatory Authority. Dr Sonawane is the former CEO of the Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited (NSSCDCL).

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Nitin Gadkari graces screening of ‘Me Vasantrao’ at Sudama Theatre in Nagpur




Radhika Dhawad | Photographer : Nitin Mankar | Photographer : Bhavesh Mahalle | Nagpur

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari graced the special screening of Marathi movie ‘Me Vasantrao’ – a movie based on the life of Hindustani classical singer and violinist Vasantrao Deshpande.

The screening was held at Sudama Theatre in Nagpur on Sunday evening in the presence family members, friends and the cast of the movie.

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Mayor Dayashankari Tiwari kicks off polio drive in Nagpur




Nation Next Newsroom | Bombuflat

Nagpur Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari, on Sunday, launched Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) door-to-door polio campaign drive. He, along with Deputy Mayor Manisha Dhawade visited Rognidan Centre in Mahal, Nagpur and inaugurated the campaign by giving polio drops to a toddler.
As per NMC officials, ten Zonal Medical Officers and Ten Health inspectors would visit every house in their respective zones, in order to vaccinate children between the ages of zero-five to immune them against polio.
NMC had recognised Sunday as the official day for polio vaccination. Under Polio Ravivar, they plan to vaccinate more than three lakh kids in Nagpur. They also urged Nagpurkars to vaccinate their children at pulse Polio Booths near their homes from 8 am- 5 pm, on Sunday.
NMC Standing Committee Chief, Corporator Vijay Zalke spoke to Nation Next regarding this campaign and said, This year’s polio drive is going to be bigger than last year. We are planning to vaccinate around 3- 3.15 lakh kids. NMC is bearing the cost of infrastructure and execution. The state government provided us with the doses.
He further stated that there were special teams to vaccinate the homeless during night. ?When it comes to the health of Nagpurkars, money is not a factor we should think about, said Zalke when asked about NMC’s current financial crunch.
As per Zalke, vaccination facility would also be available in slums,, factory areas and other outskirts of Nagpur.

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Congress legislator caught watching porn in Karnataka Assembly




Nation Next Newsroom | Bombuflat

Congress leader Prakash Rathod, on Friday, was caught on camera while allegedly scrolling through few adult content clips in the State Assembly. This turned out to be a huge embarrassment for both, Congress and Rathod as regional channels aired the video, in which he was ?caught in the act.
The MLC member was present in the house during the proceedings of the legislative council. While the house was in session, Rathod was watching adult content on his smartphone.
However, he threw these charges under the bus and said, I was looking for materials for a question I wanted to ask the government in question hour.
?When I was looking for question material, I deleted too many messages as my phone storage was full. What the media has shown or seen, I don’t know. I would never do such things or see such things, he added.
This was not the first time in Karnataka that such an incident had happened. Back in 2012, three Bharatiya Janata Party ministers were caught on camera allegedly watching adult content in the State Assembly. Following the scandal, they resigned from the state government due to public embarrassment.

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