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Bengaluru lecturer hides drugs inside notebooks; gets arrested

Notebook in which drugs were couriers to the Bengaluru lecturer (Photo courtesy: news minute)

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) caught a 27-year-old lecturer in Bengaluru for hiding 16 grams of methamphetamine (MDMA), a psychotropic drug popularly known as ecstasy, inside notebooks.

Packets of drugs that were concealed in notebooks and couriered (Photo courtesy: news minute)

The lecturer holds an M.Tech in Civil Engineering and works as an assistant lecturer at a college in Bengaluru. It has been said that he was couriered the parcel of drugs worth Rs 60,000 from Mumbai. However, NCB officials, acting on a tip-off, detained him on Tuesday after they confiscated the drugs when he came to collect them. As per various reports, the lecturer who was a drug addict, is now involved in peddling drugs in small quantities.

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Nagpur News

G20 meet in Nagpur: Beggars, homeless living for 30 years asked to ‘return after 2 months’




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur

Ahead of the G20 meet supposed to be held in Nagpur, civic authorise and cops have begun clearing the streets off beggars.

Ahead of the G20 Meet supposed to be held in Nagpur, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Nagpur Police, helmed by Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, have begun clearing the streets off beggars and other homeless living over three decades.

Nagpur Police had issued an order prohibiting beggars from gathering at places like traffic junctions, footpaths, traffic islands and dividers in the city amid rising complaints of harassment of motorists and pedestrians. The order was issued on Wednesday under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), which bans the gathering of four or more people in a particular area.

As per the order, under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), offenders could face upto six-month jail along with fine.  As per the order issued by Kumar, the restrictions got into effect from March 9 till April 30 ‘unless withdrawn earlier by the issuing authority.’  

Kumar said the order was issued due to several underlying issues and not just the upcoming G20 summit on March 19-20 and C20 meetings. 

Officials said apart from the inconvenience faced by commuters and walkers, there were also complaints of beggars obstructing the smooth flow of traffic and causing public nuisance.

Nagpur Police claimed that nearly 200 beggars had left the city on day one after Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar, on Wednesday, issued a notification that banned begging in the city from Friday, March 9.

Kumar claimed that beggars stationed at Kasturchand Park and Yeshwant Stadium vacated both the premises after they were told about the order of ban on begging. 

However, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) Deputy Commissioner Prakash Warade said the civic body manages seven shelters for the homeless where several beggars would be sheltered. Kumar said beggars at Meetha Neem Dargah were relocated to shelter homes too.

Indian Express quoted one of the members of the Pardhi community, who was forced to leaved Nagpur. It stated, “We were told that many ‘videshi’ (foreigners) will be visiting the city and so we must leave. We were told we could return two months later.”

She told the same publication that she lived with at least 10 other families at Yashwant Stadium for over three decades and was told by officials that they could return after two months.

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Inside the famous ₹1.3 crore worth gift bag given to Oscar nominees this year…




Radhika Dhawad | Los Angeles

Oscar gift bag: The gift bag worth ₹1.3 crore is given to nominees who don’t go home with the Oscar award this year.

Oscars is giving out gift bags worth ₹1.3 crore to nominees who don’t go home with the Oscar award this year. Such is the value of the gift bag that brands pay an exorbitant fee just to be included in the hope that celebrities will promote them.

According to a report by Marketing Brew, brands pay a $4,000 (approximately ₹3.28 lakh) to have their product/service in the bag.

What is in the gift bag this time?

  • Luxurious skincare products
  • Bath ritual sets
  • Celebrity-founded tequila
  • Luxury vacations to Italy and Canada
  • Art Lipo body sculpting
  • High-tech meditation orb
  • Flip flops
  • Various luxury food items such as honey, biscuits and more
  • One-square metre plot of land in Queensland, Australia 
  • Cosmetic surgery vouchers
  • Inside are skincare products from Miage
  • Silk pillowcase from Blush Silks
  • Travel pillow from PETA

Premium products from…

  • Ariadne Athens Skin Wellness
  • All Better Co., 
  • Bored Rebel, 
  • Daily Energy Cards, 
  • Effecti-cal, 
  • Kind Reason Co., 
  • KnowingLabs, 
  • Maison Construction, 
  • NaturGeeks, 
  • Rareté Studios, 
  • ReFa, 
  • Proflexa, 
  • Oxygenetix,
  • Millions-Billions-Trillions Brand, among others

Featuring over 60 items, the gift bag this year has several premium beauty and lifestyle gifts, luxury vacations including a $40,000  (over ₹32 lakhs) getaway to a Canadian estate called The Lifestyle, a stay for eight people in a restored Italian lighthouse and ‘a symbolic souvenir’ of a piece of land in Queensland in Australia!

Those wanting to renovate their homes can use the $25,000 (over ₹20 lakhs) worth project management fees for home restoration from Maison Construction apart from lipo-arm sculpting, hair restoration services and a facelift.

While over 50% of the products reportedly come from companies that are women and minority-owned, the gifts will be delivered in Havaianas suitcases this year. The least expensive gifts include a pack of Clif Thins priced at $13.56, and an $18 loaf of Japanese milk bread from Ginza Nishikawa.

Who receives this coveted gift?

The Oscar gift bags are given to the hosts and the nominees for Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. Howevr, the recipients also have the right to refuse to accept gifts. Last year, actor Denzel Washington reportedly declined his gift and actor JK Simmons donated it to a charity auction, as did George Clooney in 2006. Moreover, the products and services in the bag are a gift, the recipient does need to pay taxes on it, as it is considered an income.

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Nagpur News

Hislop College’s compound wall breaks as car rams into it | Nagpur




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur

In a major mishap on Sunday night, the compound wall of Hislop College situated at Civil Lines in Nagpur, broke after a white colour Honda City (MH 49 U 7188)  rammed into it. More details are awaited. 

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