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Bajrang Dal files police complaint against ‘Muslim women’ for ‘forcefully making Hindu girls wear Burqa’

Left: The pamphlet distributed by Girls Islamic Organization; Right: Muslim women along with others at Walkers Street in Nagpur

Left: The pamphlet distributed by Girls Islamic Organization; Right: Muslim women along with others at Walkers Street in Nagpur

The decision by some Muslim women from the Girls Islamic Organization (GIO), Nagpur chapter, to celebrate ‘Hijab Day’ on Saturday morning (September 4) at Walkers street in the city has sparked massive controversy. The incident has attracted wrath of Hindu outfits, which have accused the Muslim organization of trying to convert Hindu girls to Islam.

Bajrang Dal has accused the Muslim women of forcing Hindu girls to wear burqa. The Hindu outfit has filed a police complaint against the Muslim women at Sadar Police Station asking police officials to take action against the women and their husbands, who according to the outfit were waiting for the women nearby on bikes.

GIO members reportedly distributed pamphlets asking young girls (age 18 to 25) to join its cause ‘to spread knowledge of Quran and Sunnat.’ The photos of the pamphlets along with some videos went viral on Saturday.

Speaking to Nation Next, Rishabh Arkhel, Vice President, Bajrang Dal, Nagpur, said: “Burqa is banned in so many countries but still these people were celebrating ‘Hijab Day’ in Nagpur asking Hindu girls to wear it. These kind of things eventually lead to ‘love jihad’ and religious conversions. Thankfully, when some of our members reached the spot, the women fled with their husbands.”

Speaking to Nation Next, Amit Bembi, Vice President, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Nagpur, said: “My friend Sandeep Nair called me in the morning and informed about some burqa-clad women, who were asking Hindu girls to wear Hijab to celebrate Hijab day. When citizens noticed it and asked the Muslim women to leave, they started arguing. “

The video of an elderly citizen in an argument with the Muslim women is in possession with Nation Next. In the video, while the citizen can be heard slamming GIO members, a supposedly Hindu girl aged 17, who was allegedly asked to wear Hijab, can be heard saying that nobody forced her and other girls to wear the Hijab.

Ironically, Arkhel has claimed that the girls denying they were not forced to wear the hijab were not Hindu as well. Arkhel said, “Those girls were not Hindus. They were Muslims pretending to be Hindus as part of pre-planned activity to provoke Hindu girls to wear burqa.”

On the other hand, Bembi termed the actions of GIO as ‘Hijab Jihad.’ He said, “They distributed pamphlets stating Hijab is good for women. It’s their culture; they can follow it. Why ask Hindus to do it? We don’t have any problem with Muslim women wearing Hijab, but why do they need to enforce it on Hindu women?

Such pamphlets by Muslim outfits earlier used to be in Hindi and Urdu. The pamphlets distributed today were in English to entice the youth. This is nothing by ‘Hijab Jihad.’ The agenda is to convert Hindus into Muslims.”

After the incident, Bembi, Nair, Arkhel (Vice President, Bajrang Dal, Nagpur) and Vinod Nair (Pramukh, RSS Nari Suraksha) approached Sadar Police Station seeking action against GIO.

Speaking to Nation Next, Zone II DCP Vinita S said, “We are verifying the allegations made against the organization. Only after we are done with our investigation, we will be able to comment on the matter.” 

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Nagpur News

17-year-old girl gang-raped in car at Nagpur




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur

Nagpur Police arrested two men on Wednesday for allegedly gang-raping a 17-year-old girl in a car on Monday…

2 arrested after gang raping 17-yr-old in car | Nagpur

Representational Image

Nagpur Police arrested two men on Wednesday for allegedly gang-raping a 17-year-old girl in a car in Saoner (40 kms from Nagpur city) on Monday. The cops, initiated an extensive search immediately after receiving a complaint and arrested the two. 
The two accused convinced the teenage girl to travel with them in car by offering her to drop her at her destination. The survivor, who was clueless about the accused’s intentions, helped them by giving directions for the destination.
Cops said the two, however, took a detour on the way and took her to an isolated place, parked the car and allegedly gang-raped her. The duo has been booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, among other charges.

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Nagpur citizens walk to celebrate city’s heritage ahead of Republic Day | In Pictures




Avani Arya | Nagpur
On the account of arriving Republic Day festival, a heritage dialogue was held on January 22, 2023. The aim was to celebrate the buildings that are living witnesses of the spirit of power centres belonging to today’s Indian democracy and the era of 1903 when Nagpur was the capital of the Central Provinces.
The walk included a brief narrative from 1861, where after the mutiny, the detached position of Nagpur District and territories of Saugor and Nerbudda led to the formation of a new province termed “Central Province.”
The walk covered the architecture of the structures that were the centre of British rule in the central provinces. Various public buildings of that era, such as the old secretariat, the old High Court building, and the General Post Office, which are eminent examples of British colonial architecture, were covered. Materials like sandstone, basalt, and brick masonry are used to craft the elements of the building’s architecture.
During the walk, the stickers designed by team Sakha were distributed to participants as a souvenir, which was one of the key attractions for the participants and a reason for enthusiasm too.
The walk was followed by snacks and tea, over which dialogues on improving the condition of heritage structures were held. The citizens sharing their independent opinions was the true celebration of Indian democracy.
The walk was organised under the leadership of Ar Sandeep Pathe by team Sakha, which includes Ar Mayuri Deodhar, Ar Amruta Gangakhedkar, Ar Renuka Marotkar, Ar Yashwardhan Pincha, Ar Asmita Korpenwar, Ms Anjali Karpate, Ms Sakshi Mishra, Ms Shruti Beohar and Ms Vrushal Gurbaxani
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Rotary Club of Nagpur Vision organises kidathon, 4000 children participate




Avani Arya | Nagpur

Rotary club of Nagpur Vision organized a marathon for children on January 22, 2023 called as RCNV KIDATHON. The venue was WCL ground, Civil Lines where approximately 4000 children between the age group pf 7-15 years participated.

They were divided into three groups of three km, four km and five km according to the age. Children of age seven to 10 participated in three km, 11-13 in four km and 14 – 15 in five km marathon. The motto behind this marathon was to encourage and educate children about out door activities and importance of exercise.

Fund raised by this event was donated to Gram Heeth for the benefit of farmers. The event was flagged-off by the hands of the Chief Guests, NMC Commissioner Radhakrishnan B and Dr Amit Samarth at half past six in the morning.

Different routes were planned for the children under the strict security of RCNV volunteers and police. Once the children finished the marathon they were handed goodie bags, certificates and medals.

The sponsors for this mega event were Mauli group, Parekh brothers, Ajinkya tutorials, Oak & Chisel, Xenicon Healthcare, Gaysons, Dinshaws, Treat ice cream, Bharatvarsh farms, Diamond chips, Icad Adventures and you, Sunder biscuits, Kamal Chabrani. Medical partner for the event was Seven Star Hospital.

The mega event took place under the guidance and supervision of RCNV President Dr Shivani Sule, Treasurer Rtn Ritesh Amidwar, Chairperson and huge number of volunteers from the club.

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