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‘Aarogyam Dhan Sampada: A Lifelong Treasure:’ LAD College conducts seminar on health, nutrition

LAD College had organised a one-day seminar on Aarogyam Dhan Sampada: A Lifelong Treasure? for creating awareness about health and nutrition.

Seminar on Aarogyam Dhan Sampada: A Lifelong Treasure?

LAD College had organised a one day seminar on Aarogyam Dhan Sampada: A Lifelong Treasure? for creating awareness about health and nutrition to their students. The event was conducted on December 14 in LAD Colleges Niyogi Hall at Shankar Nagar campus.

At the beginning of the event, Dr Deepali Kotwal (Principal, LAD College) addressed the students and acquainted them with several colleges activities related to health and literacy. The organising secretary of the event Dr Kakoli Upadhyay briefed the audience about the seminar.

The chief guests for the event were Dr Vedprakash Mishra (Chancellor Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad) and Dr Vibhawari Dani (Former Dean IGMC, Nagpur). During the seminar, Dr Mishra urged that the policy makers of the country should concentrate on providing ample budget on holistic health of the citizens.

Present during the event were Dr Avinash Deshmukh (Vice President, W.E.S) and Dr Vihang Vahia (Psychiatrist at Mumbai). While the former spoke about the role of holistic health, the latter on the other hand emphasised on the benefits of positive psychology in her psychological discourse.

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The event, which was divided into three plenary sessions, had Dr Vivek Kirpekar (Psychiatrist) who spoke on the topic Harmonising Mind and Moods. The chairperson for the first session was Dr Sudhir Bhave. During the second session, Dr Sheela Krishnaswamy (Nutritionist and Diet Consultant, Bengaluru) spoke about ?Breathing Life through Nourishment and Exercise? and made the audience aware of practicising proper and disciplined diet pattern for a healthy life despite today’s lifestyle. Nagpur based diabetologist Dr Prabhakar Deshpande presided over the session. Followed by this, the last session of the event was taken by Dr Alpa Dalal (Pulmonologist, Mumbai), who spoke on the topic Rejuvenating Persona With Healing Therapies and demonstrated sound therapy, which is instrumental in healing the patients psychologically.

Pune based Architect Shrikant Nivasarkar also presented a talk on the topic ?Ergonomics of Living Spaces and concentrating on the need of designing right furniture due to the increased sedentary jobs in today’s time. He had also explained the relevance of reducing physical stress with right kind of furniture. Dr Sunita Lawange (Pain Relief Therapist, Nagpur) accompanied him in his talk.

Dr Shyamala Nair (Director and Secretary at Womens Education Society), who concluded the event, emphasised on the importance of health amongst youngsters, as they are the pillars for nation building process. 

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Nagpur’s 139-yr-old Hislop College that had Rajkumar Hirani as student…




Avani Arya | Reporter : Shamanand Tayde | Nagpur

Hislop College was founded in the year 1883 at Mahal area, Nagpur when it had a staff of one Principal and six professors. Get to know some interesting facts about the college.

Script by – Shamanand Tayde

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Nagpur News

Management conclave held at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management in Nagpur




Nation Next Newsroom | Photographer : Nitin Mankar | Nagpur

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Nagpur organized management conclave ‘SYMCHARCHA’ on 23rd Sep 2022. This event has been organized by Corp connect team of SIBM Nagpur for sharing knowledge about the latest trends and needs of the industry.

The program started with lighting the lamp by the dignitaries and the address by Director SIBM-Nagpur, Dr Shrirang Altekar.

The program was graced by several senior executives from the industry with names like Shailesh Wadhankar, VP Salesforce, Persistent; Capt. Pranab Prasoon Thakur, head HR, Hindustan Coca Cola Ltd.; Sajesh Jyothiprakash, VP JP Morgan;

Mr. Shailesh Wadhankar while addressing the students, elaborated about change in working pattern post pandemic. He focused on the challenges that the industry is facing in bringing back people to workplace.

Capt. Pranab Prasoon Thakur emphasized on focusing on learning new skills and also on team work. He correlated the army discipline with the success of business. He further elaborated on leading by setting an example. He also shared as how covid taught us that we have to go with the flow sometimes as we don’t have any solution for a situation.

Sajesh Jyothiprakash shared his experience as to how technology plays an important role in today’s environment. He also focused on various investment patterns, market analysis of latest trends etc. He motivated students to develop their skills and focus on their goals.

All the sessions were followed by question and answer by students and faculties to all the dignitaries present.

The day ended with learnings and sharing of experiences.

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Nagpur News

Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College celebrates Engineer’s Day in Nagpur




Nation Next Newsroom | Nagpur

Gaikwad-Patil College Civil Engineering Department celebrated Engineer's Day 2022, followed by guest lecture on September 17.

Civil Engineering Department celebrated Engineer’s Day 2022, followed by Guest Lecture under ARTEX Forum in association with Institution of Engineers (India) Students’ Chapter on September 17.

Civil Engineering Department of Tulsiramji Gaikwad–Patil College of Engineering and Technology, (an autonomous Institute) Nagpur, celebrated Engineer’s Day 2022 followed by Guest Lecture by the invited Chief Guest for the event Dr Srikant Annavarapu, Director, Master Geotech Services Pvt. Ltd, Nagpur. The expert has highlighted the role of engineers in nation building, infrastructure development and taking the leadership towards achieving sustainable development goals.

He also motivated the students to take final year project as a challenge to solve real life practical problems. The targeted objectives of the project should be to provide efficient solutions to the problems of society with locally available resources. 

Gaikwad-Patil College Civil Engineering Department celebrated Engineer's Day 2022, followed by guest lecture on September 17.

Dr. Mohan Gaikwad-Patil, Chairman GPG, Prof. Sandeep Gaikwad, Treasurer, GPGI, Dr A V Kale, Principal, Prof. Pragati Patil, Vice-Principal, appreciated the faculty members for their inspirational work done and congratulated the students for active participation in the Guest Lecture as well as for the successful completion of the program. Efforts taken by Prof. Aasif Baig, Head of Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Panna Lal Kurmi, Program Coordinator, Prof. Divyani Harpal, Prof. Sanjay Bhadke, Prof. Amey Khedikar, Prof. Mohitsingh Katoch, Prof. Priyanka Petkar; proved instrumental in conducting the program successfully. Prof. Divyani Harpal did anchoring for the program successfully. All faculty members and students of TGPCET attended Guest Lecture prominently.

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