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An example of brilliant medieval engineering: The 300-year-old Panchakki at Aurangabad

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The water which flows down from a spring mountain at Panchakki, Aurangabad. (Photo by: Nazia Haq)

Ancient monuments not only contain an important piece of our history but are also important for archaeologists to ascertain the thought process of ancient people so as to understand our history in a better way. While many of these monuments are a treat to the eyes, others make you curious and give you an insight of the science that prevailed in ancient times. An example of the latter is the 300-year-old Panchakki at the Dargah Complex in Aurangabad.

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Panchakki, where the grains are put and it rotates with the help of energy produced from water at Panchakki, Aurangabad. (Photo by: Nazia Haq)

Magnificient structure

Back in, about 1695 A.D., Turktaz Khan was instrumental in the erection of many buildings in the dargah complex in Aurangabad. This also included the Panchakki, a water mill which has derived its name from a mill which used to grind grains for the pilgrims. The reason behind the construction of the water mill was to generate energy through the water brought down from a spring on a mountain. The Panchakki is the classic example of a scientific thought process put in the medieval Indian architecture. The building is attached to the Dargah of Baba Shah Musafir a Sufi saint and is located in a garden near the Mahmud Darvaza and consists of a mosque, a madrassa, a kacheri (court), a minister’s house, a sarai (rest house) and houses for Zananas (women).

Medieval engineering at its best!

Panchakki has its own underground water channel. The whole system is a classic example of medieval engineering. The source of water is 6 kms away to the north Aurangabad and water is made to reach the reservoir through earthen pipes. It is then raised by a siphon to the top of the rectangular masonry pillar, from where it is made to fall in a large reservoir below. In the north-west corner, adjacent to the tank, is the water mill driven entirely by water power. It is said that, in the olden days, flour was obtained for the people from the mill without human effort. It was built in the year 1744 to commemorate Hasrat Baba Shah Musafir. He was a great religious teacher who migrated from the Russian town Gazdavan (Bukhara).

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Water body and fountain coved in green sticky algae at Panchakki, Aurangabad. (Photo by: Nazia Haq)

Now in a bad state

Sadly, many ancient monuments in India today lay in ruins with their condition deteriorating day by day and Pan Chakki is among them. Its present condition does not do justice at all to its rich history. With green-slippery-smelly algae dripping down the fountain, littering of plastics waste and no maintenance, Panchakki is a monument which desperately waits for renovation and maintenance. Tourists including foreigners visit the reservoir to understand and have a look at such a smart construction made in the 17th century, but after noticing the bad condition, they are left with no option but to go back with a sense of disappointment.

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Nagpur News

12-yr-old Nagpur boy dies after trying to imitate a deadly YouTube video




Avani Arya | Nagpur

A 12-year-old boy named Agranya Barapatre in Nagpur breathed his last after trying to imitate a video on YouTube at his neighbour’s place. The woman, in the video, is seen demonstrating how she escaped with her hands tied behind, gagged and face covered with scarves. He was found hanging from a wooden ladder’s stick on the neighbour’s terrace but there was no knot on the scarf. 

Upon inspection, it was learnt that Agranya had downloaded a video titled ‘Full face cover challenge’ in his phone. Cops said that there was no reason for the teenager to commit suicide but the possibility of an accident could not be ruled out.

Arangya’s mother said the couple had no clue where the scarf came from; he only carried a chakri and a kite. She also revealed that her son usually played on their neighbour’s terrace

Reportedly, Agranya was undergoing a psychiatric treatment as he was a hyperactive kid who wasn’t attentive in studies. He was good with using phones and application so his family tried to keep the phone away from him. However, he would somehow always locate the phone. 

Agranya, the only child to his parents, was supposed to be felicitated at his school on Thursday during Republic Day for securing second position at a double-lathi event at the third National Traditional Lathi Sports Championship in Indore.

Post the incident, he was rushed to Government Medical College but was declared dead. Sakkardara Police registered a case of accident death.

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Nagpur News

President’s Cup 2.0 kickstarts at DPS MIHAN in Nagpur




Radhika Dhawad | Achalpur

The second edition of President’s Cup for Tennis Ball and Cricket was held in the sprawling campus of DPS MIHAN.

The second edition of the President’s Cup for Tennis Ball and Cricket was held in the sprawling campus of Delhi Public School (DPS MIHAN) on Friday, January 27. Gurudas Raut, a differently-abled international cricket player, captain of T20 World Cup 2019 and a recipient of many awards instituted by BCCI, ICC and VCA graced the occasion as Chief Guest and inaugurated the event. Janak Shahu, Secretary, Physically Challenged Cricket Association was also present on this occasion. 

The second edition of President’s Cup for Tennis Ball and Cricket was held in the sprawling campus of DPS MIHAN.

Nidhi Yadav Principal at DPS MIHAN welcomed the guests by presenting saplings, which is the tradition of the school. In her welcome address, she highlighted the vision of President and Pro Vice Chairperson Tulika Kedia who ensures the best of sporting facilities are provided to the students for holistic education and for psycho- socio development. 

The second edition of President’s Cup for Tennis Ball and Cricket was held in the sprawling campus of DPS MIHAN.

She also thanked the Director Savita Jaiswal for her constant guidance and support. She expressed her gratitude for the benign presence of Raut to motivate the young players befitting to the occasion. She emphasized that he is a perfect role model for the budding cricketers. 

The second edition of President’s Cup for Tennis Ball and Cricket was held in the sprawling campus of DPS MIHAN.

Raut in his speech, appreciated the sporting facilities and encouragement given by the school for the development of sporting culture amongst the students. He emphasized that one should explore opportunities and believe in oneself to achieve one’s goal. He mentioned that with will power he could pursue cricket and achieve laurels at national and international level inspite of his limitations. 

In this edition, six teams are competing for the coveted President’s Cup. The finals will be held on Monday 30th January 2023. 

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Naatu Naatu composer MM Keeravani is a great musician; just that he’s underrated: AR Rahman




Elina Nayak | India

AR Rahman

SS Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ has been making news for the past few weeks. Be it winning Golden Globe for the song ‘Naatu Naatu’ or being nominated for Oscars 2023, composer MM Keeravani is a national name now. The Oscar-Golden Globe-Grammy awards winner, AR Rahman said, spoke about MM Keeravani in a recent interview.

Expressing that Keeravani is ‘underrated’, he said, “You know what? MM Keeravani is a great composer, it’s just that he’s underrated. And I’m not sure if it’s true, Keeravani wanted to quit music in 2015 and retire. In fact, that’s when his career had actually started. And everyone noticed it. I believe when someone thinks their life is over, that’s when your life starts. You just need to live. I even tell my kids the same, ‘that gentleman (Keeravani), who’s been in the industry for 35 years, wanted to quit so early when his career actually started at that point.” 

This video of Rahman’s interview about Keeravani has been appreciated on social media. And many users have also praised him for his positive and inspirational statements. Moreover, Keeravani will be conferred with Padma Shri this year, who once thought of quitting and wanted to retire in 2015. 

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