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15-year-old girl, boyfriend murder her parents over disapproval of their relationship

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In a shocking incident, a 15-year-old girl and her 20-year-old boyfriend were arrested for allegedly killing her parents at their residence in Indore on Thursday. The reason behind the murders is reportedly the disapproval of the girls parents to her relationship with the boy. 

The victims identified as Jyoti Prasad Sharma (45) – a Special Armed Force constable – and his wife Neelam (43), residents of Rukmani Nagar, Indore, were found dead at their home on Thursday morning. The couple was reportedly stabbed multiple times. 

Indore Deputy Inspector General (DIG) HN Mishra on Friday said: The girl and her 20-year-old friend Dhananjay Yadav were arrested from Mandsaur on Thursday late night while they were trying to run away to Rajasthan after the crime. Police recovered some documents and cash of Rs 1 lakh from their possession. 

During questioning, the accused confessed to their crime. The girl said her parents used to object to her friendship with Dhananjay. A few days ago, her father saw her with Dhananjay and the father beat them up. Her mother also used to scold her for the friendship, Mishra added.

Investigation also revealed that, few hours before the minor killed her parents, she mixed sedative in the food for her parents. Then the following morning, the girl rang Dhananjay to come see her at her residence. 

Dhananjay first killed Neelam with a sharp-edged weapon then he attacked Jyoti Prasad. Jyoti Prasad fought back and screamed aloud for help but the girl went outside and told neighbours, who came out of their houses after hearing screams of Jyoti Prasad, that her parents were fighting with each other, informed the DIG. Before taking off for Indore, the duo then robbed Rs 1 lakh and locked the house from outside. 

The minors older brother Rishabh Sharma and her paternal grandmother Shreedevi Sharma, who reside in the same neighbourhood, broke the lock to enter the house. On finding the couple lying in a pool of blood, they immediately informed the police. 

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Shashi Tharoor is capable of bringing Congress back in power, says Congress leader Ashish Deshmukh




Radhika Dhawad | New Delhi
Former MLA and Congress leader Dr Ashish Deshmukh spoke about nomination filed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor for party president post.

Congress leader Ashish Deshmukh looks on while Congress MP Shashi Tharoor files nomination papers for party chief post

Former MLA and Member of Parliamentary Board, MPCC Dr Ashish Deshmukh speaking about the nomination filed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor for the post of Congress President on Friday, said, “Dr Shashi Tharoor is a popular Congress MP who has done remarkable work for the nation at the international level. It’s very welcoming thing that the election of Congress President is being done in a democratic manner. This is an important step for decentralisation in the party and the future of Congress is bright. Soniaji and Rahulji Gandhi contributed a lot to strengthen the party.”

Former MLA and Congress leader Dr Ashish Deshmukh spoke about nomination filed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor for party president post.

Shashi Tharoor

Congress leader Deshmukh added, “This is an important step taken by the Congress elites for the elections in a democratic manner so that the party can take a higher flight. Dr Shashi Tharoor has cordial relations with everyone in the party; he has the ability to give a new direction to the party. I believe that he will be able to handle the responsibility of bringing the Congress to power in the country by taking the party forward with new strength. If he seriously deals with issues like unemployment, industry, agriculture, inflation then Congress will have fruitful days. By doing transparent politics, he will definitely convey the thought of Congress to the people at the grassroots level. If you want a rejuvenated, bigger and dynamic Congress party, Dr. Shashi Tharoor is the right candidate. He has the open support of Congress delegates in 12 states and is getting the support of Congress leaders and activists from all over India. He will be elected for sure.”

Deshmukh informed that Tharoor would be visiting Nagpur on October 1 and 2 to hear out all thoughts of Congress delegates.

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Nagpur News

Nagpur citizens to revel The Raaas Garba next year!




Nation Next Newsroom | Nagpur

The Raaas (2018)

Since The Raaas enchanted and enthralled Nagpur with its quality garba in its first year in 2018, the demand for encore has been reverberating the city. To cater to the huge public demand, the organisers of the king of garbas have decided to continue The Raaas next year on. Like its first year, The Raaas Garba will be presented to Nagpur in association with Nation Next in 2023. Mahesh Kukreja, the key organiser said, “Because of some reasons, we, earlier, thought of giving the event a break.”

He added, “Then COVID-19 struck the world. Now we plan to continue it from next year onwards. While I express my gratitude to Nagpurians to make the event a huge hit, I request the city’s garba revellers to not get fooled as a few garbas are falsely claiming to be The Raaas. We’ll be back next year for sure!”

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Mesmerising sunset hues at Ramtek’s Ambala Lake in Nagpur




Akshara Rohankar | Photographer : Bhavesh Mahalle | Nagpur

Ambala Lake in Ramtek city wore a dazzling look at the golden hour of sunset. The verdant surrounding of the lake flanked by the old and famous Shiv temple, lends a soothing and religious aura to the city known for its old heritage and mythological significance.

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