January 13, 2021, 6:09 PM

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Corporator Pintu Zalke, on Tuesday, said that he would happily give up his official car provided by Nagpur Municipal Corporation(NMC) to save unnecessary expenses if NMC Commissioner Radhakrishnan B took the lead first by giving up his car given by NMC.
NMC Standing Committee Chairman Zalke, had directed Nagpur officials of the 10 zones to take actions against illegal hoardings, which were reducing the revenue of NMC by not paying the rent.
In a meeting which took place on Monday, Zalke opined that it was NMC’s responsibility to look after hoardings and their approval for placement at a particular site.
While speaking to Nation Next on this matter, he said, “There are 772 towers across Nagpur but there are many towers, whose data isn’t available with us. Only Rs 2.52 crore was generated from them as revenue for NMC, where more than Rs 10 crore should be generated from them.”
“Due to the recent approval of seventh pay at NMC; we have a financial load, hence we have to think of generating revenue from new streams,” he added.
He further stated that NMC should increase its revenue through property tax, water tax, advertisement, hoardings and others.
Supporting his colleague Corporator Abha Pande on reducing expense, which was spent on Corporator’s and chairmen’s of standing committees transport, he said, “NMC should definitely reduce amount allotted to the transportation of corporators; there are fewer officials and more cars.”

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