January 13, 2021, 5:13 PM
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With Makar Sankranti around the corner, use of nylon, glass coated kite threads would prove fatal for thousands of birds, who are already dying in large quantities due to the bird-flu outbreak in the country. 
In order to spread awareness and save birds, injured due to the nylon strings, a group of volunteers from Nagpur have enlisted contact numbers of several veterinarians, doctors, NGOs and helpers, who would provide help to aid and rescue such trapped birds. 
Here is a list of people and NGOs in the city , whom you can contact to save the birds entangled in nylon strings:
1. BirdHelpline
(Area Throughout Nagpur )
2. Dr. Mayur Kate
(Area throughout Nagpur)
3. Dr. Bilal Ali
(Area throughout Nagpur)
4. Sandesh Singalkar
(Area throughout Nagpur)
5. Samir Neware
(Area throughout Nagpur)
6. Ashish Kohale
(Area throughout Nagpur)
7. Swapnil Bodhane
(Area throughout Nagpur)
8. Names of the volunteers
Kundan Hate Admin BOV and Honorary Wildlife Warden Nagpur district.
Area throughout Nagpur.
9. Vinit Arora Admin Indian Wildlife, BOV and Srushti Pariyawarn Mandal.
Area Throughout Nagpur
10. Venkatesh Mudaliar Admin BOV and Srushti Pariyawarn Mandal.
Civil Lines and Dharmpeth Nagpur.
11. Avinash Londhe Admin (BOV)
Area Nandanvan and Sakhardara
12. Deepshikha Mehra Admin (BOV)
Area Katol road Ramdeobaba temple
13. Percy Amroliwalla (BOV)
Area Gorewada
14. Saurabh Sukhdeve (Indian Wildlife, BOV)
Area Hingna Road MIDC
15. Shirish Nakhale( Indian Wildlife, BOV)
Area Datta Wadi
Managing editor at Vidarbha Mirror and Director of Swaraj Group Sandesh Singalkar told NationNext, “In last 15 days, three people, including a child, died due to the nylon string in Nagpur. It is only in January that people and government pay attention towards this issue and act upon it. In order to save such mishaps, it is necessary to figure out the number of nylon string dealers in the city from the beginning,” he said.
“Birds are majorly affected in such mishaps. When we talk about sparrows, one might find it extremely difficult to spot an original sparrow in Nagpur, due to increasing mobile towers causing their deaths. All kinds and species of birds are required today, in order to maintain a balance in biodiversity.”
“Most of the citizens fly kites during the evening hours, and since sharp-edged nylon strings are very difficult to break, many birds get entangled in them and sustain severe injuries. When there are no such provisions in the city to rescue human beings during these mishaps, we can least expect any provisions to rescue birds,” he said. 
“Hence, in order to spread awareness, these volunteers decided to enlist several contacts, who would be able to assist citizens and direct them to nearby veterinary hospitals in Nagpur,” he added
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