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NMC fines four hospitals, one pathology lab for inappropriately dumping biomedical waste

For inappropriately handling and dumping biomedical waste, Nagpur Municipal Corporation fined four hospitals and one pathology lab as an attempt towards Swachh Bharat Mission.

On a daily basis, people who have been found spitting on the road, using plastic, scattering construction materials on the road, unacceptably disposing of biomedical waste, displaying lights on trees and especially disposing garbage are being taken action upon by NMC.

Under Laxmi Nagar Zone, Gastro Vision and Medigrace hospitals were found throwing biomedical waste inside the trash near the hospital by NMC and were fined with Rs 50,000 each. On New Narsala Road, Lal Pathology was also found throwing garbage near the lab and was fined with Rs. 5000. Under Dharampeth zone, in Ramdaspeth, Ortho Hospital and Respire Hospital were also condemned for not disposing biomedical waste rightly.

The proper way of disposing of biomedical has been clearly mentioned in The Biomedical waste Management rules. The Biomedical waste Management rules, 2016 declare that there should be dedicated central waste collection room present in the hospital for storing biomedical waste after it was segregated with color-coded plastic bags at the source point. The waste should be picked from the central waste collection room and transported for treatment and then disposed at Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment and disposal facility (CBWTF).

A similar case from Nagpur was reported where after disposing biomedical waste on footpath in a busy area, Siddhart Pathology lab was caught by Nuisance Detection Squad (NDS) of Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s of Ashi Nagar Zone.

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Nagpur: NMC to launch garbage treatment project to produce renewable energy




Juhi Kochar | Nagpur

Nagpur Municipal Corporation

On Sunday, November 13, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) was given the go-ahead to launch the project to use garbage treatment to produce renewable energy, bio-CNG, biogas, compost, and other materials by Deputy CM and Guardian Minister Devendra Fadnavis. He approved the concept put out by SusBDE-Sustainable Business Development, a private business based in the Netherlands.

On 17 August, the Dutch company won the tender with the lowest bid. The company had received a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from NMC, and the agreement is anticipated to be implemented soon. The company’s chairman Jaap Veenenbos and a municipal commissioner, Rad Radhakrishnan B presented the planned project to Fadnavis on Sunday. Fadnavis instructed NMC to create a time-bound schedule for carrying out the project.

If the idea is successful, NMC will be able to eliminate 1,000 metric tons (MT) of the 1,200 MT of daily garbage collected without investing a single dime. A major benefit for the cash-strapped NMC is the Netherlands-based company’s quote for nominal tipping costs of Rs 1 per metric ton (MT). Additionally, the business proposed to pay NMC a ₹15 lakh royalty in the first year, followed by a cut of the profits. All products made from garbage will be eligible for sale by the corporation.

According to NMC officials, the project will require the corporation to invest about ₹300 crore. Additionally, the corporation has been offered a number of choices, including the creation of a material recovery facility (MRF) for dry waste.

Since 2009, NMC has been looking for private companies to handle the 1,200 MT of garbage produced in the city each day. Unfortunately, NMC was unable to find an operator, and as a result, a sizable amount of trash was lying at the Bhandiwadi dumping yard, contributing to numerous sorts of pollution.

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CRUELTY: These dogs can’t even move an inch since 13 days | Courtesy: NMC




Juhi Kochar | Editor : Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur

Dog in small cage

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) could not be seen abiding by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), Animal Birth Control (ABC) laws and also the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act. Since the NMC began caging the stray animals on October 27 in the city, it has continued to violate the rules and recommendations.

The NMC had kept the first group of six stray dogs picked up from Ramdaspeth in cages for 13 days despite the law’s requirement that they be released after seven days from the same place, from which they were picked up.

Speaking about the six dogs that were picked up on October 27 from Ramdaspeth, NMC veterinary officer Dr Gajendra Mahalle told TOI that they would be freed within 10 days. However, as of Wednesday, the NMC has not yet released them. However, Dr Mahalle assured that the dogs were kept in good condition.

Lawyer and activist Ankita Shah told TOI, “I contacted Dr Mahalle and asked him the reason behind not releasing the six strays of Ramdaspeth till date. I also informed him about the rules. Dr Mahalle said the canines will be released after two or more days. This is brazen violation of rules and cruelty towards the speechless.”

She added, “The cages where the canines have been kept are not as per norms. Caged stray dogs can be seen not getting enough space for movement. All these are violations of AWBI rules, ABC and also the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act. Therefore, the concerned NMC officials are liable to face action.”

The guidelines of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) published by AWBI recommends keeping dogs in cages that are three feet wide, three feet tall, and three feet deep. According to AWBI, such cages are not appropriate for the long-term confinement of dogs.

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Cleanliness Drive – An initiative towards a better environment by NMC




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur
'Cleanliness Drive' was  a joint initiative of NMC, OCW, Under Privileged Advancement by Youth (UPAY) and Green Vigil Foundation.

Cleanliness Drive by NMC

‘Cleanliness Drive’ a joint initiative of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), Orange City Water (OCW), Under Privileged Advancement by Youth (UPAY) and Green Vigil Foundation commenced on 04th November 2022 at IT park to take a small step towards the betterment of our environment, in which they spread the awareness among the residents of IT park about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

Under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme, OCW is taking up similar activities in the entire Nagpur including livelihood initiatives for urban poor of the city. The drive started with skit performed by Tirpude College of Social Work and concluded with pledge. An awareness march was performed by OCW employees, volunteers of UPAY and students of Tirpude College of Social Work in nearby slums. The initiative is being carried out under the guidance of Kiran Badge Assistant Commissioner Laxminagar and Dhantoli zone and Dr Gajendra Mahalle Deputy Commissioner of Solid Waste Management and Sanitation NMC.

In this initiative KMP Singh Director, OCW, Kaustubh Chaterjee, Green Vigil, Neetu Mishra, UPAY, Dr Samir Tonpe, Project Director, AG Enviro Infra with their teams were present. All the dignitaries present in the drive have committed to clean up more such black spots of the city to make Nagpur cleaner and greener.

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