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Dharavi redevelopment to have dedicated areas for manufacturing: Devendra Fadnavis

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that Dharavi redevelopment will have dedicated areas for manufacturing…

Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis said that Dharavi is a great manufacturing cluster, has been kept in mind while planning its redevelopment.

Devendra Fadnavis

The Mah Deputy CM says that Dharavi is a great manufacturing cluster, has been kept in mind while planning its redevelopment.

As Dharavi redevelopment has been announced, doubts were raised on whether this locally evolved entrepreneurial hub will retain its spirit.  In a chat on Sansad TV with Sanjeev Sanyal, Member, PM’s Economic Advisory Council and a writer, on an Economic Sutra episode telecast on Nov 6, the Deputy Chief Minister had made it very clear how he foresees the future of Dharavi and Mumbai.

Saying that his government worked on clearing all the bottlenecks, he adds, “We understood that unless we have a place to rehabilitate people, which is nearby Dharavi, this project will not take off. We found out that there is around 42 acres of land which belongs to the Railways. We approached the Central Government and told them that we’ll free up your land. We’ll buy your land and we’ll give you a share in the profit and we entered into a definitive agreement and now they have handed it over to us.”

“The Dharavi Redevelopment project will be the most unique project ever done. In fact, this redevelopment was visualized by none other than Rajiv Gandhi in 1985 but nothing happened – until 2014 when Modiji came and we started governing Maharashtra. The redevelopment will be no less beautiful than BKC. Dharavi is just not a slum but it’s also a great manufacturing cluster, so what we did was that while planning this scheme we have created areas for this entire manufacturing industry along with planning for the rehabilitation of the people. Right now, this entire manufacturing sector is informal, but after this and over time they will come into the formal sector.”

Watch the full interaction here:

Also, with Mumbai undergoing so many infrastructural changes, questions have been raised about retaining the quintessential character of “aamchi Mumbai,” which apart from being the financial capital of India is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant cities.

Speaking on the land issues, Fadnavis says, “The usable space in Mumbai is very little. It has length, but has limitations on the breadth so taking into consideration all these problems we wanted to design a very robust system for Mumbai for commuters and for vehicles. That’s why the all the new Coastal Road, which will decongest the western side of Mumbai. It will be a ring road type structure along the coast and this Western Expressway carries 60 percent of the Mumbai traffic right, so all that traffic will be mostly accommodated here.”

Commuting in Mumbai is a killer and every day Mumbaikars spend a lot of time on travel. Saying that he wants to reduce travel within Mumbai from anywhere to anywhere to an hour, Fadnavis explains, “Our Metro three is a very unique 40 kilometers of underground Network, which will be the lifeline of Mumbai. It is estimated to carry around 1.7 million passengers per day! All this work will be finished in two or three years and I want that from any place to any place in Mumbai one should reach within less than one hour – that is the planning. We are also trying to integrate the transportation system. Right now, our Suburban Railway is the lifeline of Mumbai. This Suburban Railway carries around 9 million passengers. The new Metro Network which we are creating will be carrying around 7 million or 8 million passengers, almost doubling the current number.”

Adding to this, the Deputy CM says that the 22 kilometers of Sea Bridge that will connect us to the hinterland, “so we have Mumbai, we have new Mumbai and that will be the third Mumbai that will be a land mass which will be bigger than Mumbai with new Mumbai airport. I think the future growth of Mumbai is on that side!”

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PM Modi world’s most popular leader: Survey




Radhika Dhawad | New Delhi

PM Modi

A US-based firm Morning Consult released a list of world leaders trending on the basis of their approval ratings among 22 nations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the most popular leader in the world with an approval rating of over 75% thus leaving behind US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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New Parliament building likely to open from January end; see latest pictures!




Radhika Dhawad | New Delhi

The Centre released the layout and latest photos of the newly built Parliament building on Friday that would likely house the second part of the budget session in January this year. 

A part of the Central Vista redevelopment project, the new Parliament building is being constructed by Tata Projects Limited and is likely to be inaugurated in March this year. The new building features larger halls, a library, ample parking space, and committee rooms with state-of-the-art facilities.

Here’s the glimpse of the new building…

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K’taka says boundary dispute closed chapter; CM Bommai accuses Sanjay Raut of acting like ‘Chinese agent’




Nation Next Newsroom | Bengaluru
The Karnataka-Maharashtra border issue has been resonating in both states’ legislatures, with both states accusing each other.

Basavaraj Bommai

CM Basavaraj Bommai speaks tough on Sanjay Raut, says he acting like “Chinese agent”

The Karnataka-Maharashtra border issue has been resonating in the winter sessions of both states’ legislatures, with both states accusing each other of stoking tensions, despite Union Home Minister Amit Shah intervening in the matter.

On Thursday, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution, saying that the boundary dispute between Maharashtra and Karnataka is “a closed chapter.” The resolution declared that there was no question of compromising on issues related to “Karnataka’s land, water, and language, and the interests of Kannadigas.”

The Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that everyone was committed to initiating constitutional and legal measures to protect the state’s interests.

The CM said that people of both the States have lived cordially over the decades, he accused Maharashtra of trying to affect the cordial relations between people of both States by filing a petition before the Supreme Court in 2004, despite the matter being closed with the report of the Mahajan commission.

The judicial custody of Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut, on Monday, got extended till September 5 in Patra Chawl Land Scam.

Sanjay Raut

Launching an attack on Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackery) MP Sanjay Raut for his remark that they would “invade” Karnataka on the lines of China invading India, Bommai said, “Sanjay Raut is an agent of China and is a traitor. If they attack China, we will push them back as the Indian Army does on our borders.” He even warned Raut of legal action and said that use of such uncivil language was shocking.  

Siddaramaiah, Leader of the Opposition and former Chief Minister of Karnataka, backed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government on the this issue.

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