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CRUELTY: These dogs can’t even move an inch since 13 days | Courtesy: NMC

Dog in small cage

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) could not be seen abiding by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), Animal Birth Control (ABC) laws and also the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act. Since the NMC began caging the stray animals on October 27 in the city, it has continued to violate the rules and recommendations.

The NMC had kept the first group of six stray dogs picked up from Ramdaspeth in cages for 13 days despite the law’s requirement that they be released after seven days from the same place, from which they were picked up.

Speaking about the six dogs that were picked up on October 27 from Ramdaspeth, NMC veterinary officer Dr Gajendra Mahalle told TOI that they would be freed within 10 days. However, as of Wednesday, the NMC has not yet released them. However, Dr Mahalle assured that the dogs were kept in good condition.

Lawyer and activist Ankita Shah told TOI, “I contacted Dr Mahalle and asked him the reason behind not releasing the six strays of Ramdaspeth till date. I also informed him about the rules. Dr Mahalle said the canines will be released after two or more days. This is brazen violation of rules and cruelty towards the speechless.”

She added, “The cages where the canines have been kept are not as per norms. Caged stray dogs can be seen not getting enough space for movement. All these are violations of AWBI rules, ABC and also the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act. Therefore, the concerned NMC officials are liable to face action.”

The guidelines of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) published by AWBI recommends keeping dogs in cages that are three feet wide, three feet tall, and three feet deep. According to AWBI, such cages are not appropriate for the long-term confinement of dogs.


NMC confiscates 117 PoP idols, collects Rs 10,000 fine from seller



In an effort to curb the use of plaster of paris (PoP) idols during Ganeshotsav, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has deployed a joint team of Solid Waste Management and Nuisance Detection Squad, who, on Monday, seized a total of 117 pop idols from Bajeria Chowk, Nagpur.

The four-hour raid in Bajeria was executed following a tip-off given to Municipal Solid Waste Management Department Director and Deputy Municipal Commissioner Dr Gajendra Mahlle.

A fine of Rs 10,000 was collected from the owner Prashant Shahu of Shahu Murti Bhandar by the corporation team led by zonal officers Lokesh Wasanwar, Sanjay Khandare, Rohidas Rathod, Navakisan Shende, Lokesh Basalwar, Mahendra Ambhore and Suresh Khare.

Ban on the sale and immersion of PoP idols in the city has been enforced by the civic body under directives from the High Court since 2012. The ban was announced after the State Government had lodged an affidavit in the HC -entailing that they were to follow the Central Pollution Control Board norms pertaining to environmental protection.

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Nagpur: Slaughterhouses, meat shops to remain closed on Janmashtami



On the occasion of Shri Krishna Jayanti (Janmashtami), all slaughterhouses and meat shops are to remain closed on September 6 across Nagpur.

Head of Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) Solid Waste Management Department Dr Gajendra Mahalle issued the notice on Friday. The decision has been taken in accordance with the resolution passed by NMC in 2018.


This year, Janmashtami will be celebrated on September 6, with ‘Dahi Handi’ observed on September 7.

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Rainfall causes havoc as windsnap trees fall on vehicles in Nagpur, NMC springs into action



Nagpur Municipal Corporation, on Sunday, sprung to action as strong winds and heavy rainfall caused havoc in the city. Residents suffered severe losses as windsnap trees fell on their vehicles and properties across Nagpur.

A team from the fire and emergency services department was deployed to the respective areas to perform rescue services. According to the data, around nine cars and four two-wheelers were damaged near Swawlambi Nagar, Mahal, Tiranga Chowk, Chhota Tajbagh, Ujjwal Nagar and Narendra Nagar.

NMC pulling out car and a motorcycle buried under the tree near Chandni Bar and Yash Furniture Market at Tiranga Chowk

NMC pulling out a car and a motorcycle buried under the tree near Chandni Bar and Yash Furniture Market at Tiranga Chowk

NMC performing a rescue operation as a tree branch fell on a Maruti Suzuki car near Priya Apartment in Chhota Tajbagh

A five-day weather warning has been reported by the Regional Meterological Centre, Nagpur on Monday, stating heavy to to extremely heavy rainfall across the city.

Source: RMC, Nagpur

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