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Aamozish-e-Urdu classes conclude with a grand ceremony in Nagpur

TS Rawal also known as Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal, leading Chartered Accountant and scholar of Urdu, concluded graduation ceremony of his Urdu classes at India Peace Centre in Nagpur.

The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Surbhi Shirpurkar. The function was presided over by Dr Asir Ebenezer, the Chairman of India Peace Centre. Shirpurkar lauded the efforts of Dr Rawal in making the language accessible to all backgrounds, irrespective of their faith, belief or profession. She said that Urdu is one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and expressed keen interest in wanting to be the first person to enrol in the next batch.

Dr Asir Ebenezer mentioned about the significant role played by languages in bringing about communal harmony and developing mutual understanding among different sections of people. He further stated that India Peace Centre aims to become a place where many languages are taught.

Alefia Master, Urdu scholar, who has been helping the students in the class gave a brief backdrop of Hindi cinema and Urdu language.

Dr TS Rawal congratulated all students who have successfully passed the free certificate course and spoke about the history of Urdu language and its relevance. He informed that Urdu is a language that was made in India and thanked the students for learning Urdu with a great deal of passion.

Aamozish-e-Urdu is an initiative by Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal, aimed at cultivating the love for Urdu, a language whose genesis lies in India.

Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal started taking Urdu classes in 2013 in Nagpur for free with the motive of bringing the language of Urdu to the people. He wanted to break the age-old myth that Urdu is spoken by the Muslims, and Hindi by the Hindus. The lucid intention is that Urdu is the language born in India which ought to be given its due status. Urdu is nothing but Hindustani language written in Persian script. The same Hindustani language when written in Devnagri script is called Hindi. Therefore, spoken Urdu and Hindi are mutually intelligible. One of the most prolific of Indian writers, Munshi Premchand, wrote most of his works in Urdu.

Dr. Rawal has developed a very unique style of teaching Urdu, which makes learning to read and write in Urdu very easy. The class duration is approximately 45 days, and one can learn to read and write Urdu fluently in 45 days with Dr. Rawal’s unique teaching system.

The success of Dr. Rawal’s free Urdu Classes can be gauged by the overwhelming response of the students, who come from varied age groups and professional backgrounds.

From 2019 onwards the Free Urdu Classes have been officially named as ‘Aamozish-e-Urdu’ which translates to ‘Teaching/Learning of Urdu’. The initiative is supported by India Peace Centre and Nagpur Book Club.

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Nagpur News

Nagpur records 22 COVID cases in 24 hours




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur

A total of 22 patients tested positive for COVID-19 in Nagpur in past 24 hours on Thursday. Almost 242 people were tested in the city.

A total of 22 patients tested positive for COVID-19 in Nagpur in past 24 hours on Thursday. Almost 242 people were tested in the city, out of which 15 belonged to urban area while and 6 were from the rural areas, and one from outside Nagpur district. 

At present, there are 72 active patients in the city. Three new cases of the new XBB.1.16 variant of COVID-19 were detected that took the total tally to five in the district.  

India recorded 3,095 new COVID cases and five deaths in last 24 hours.

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Nagpur News

RCNV provides sponsorship to 5 children




Nation Next Newsroom | Nagpur


Under the aegis of Diabetes patronage program at AIIMS, Rotary Club of Nagpur Vision – RCNV – members sponsored five children for this financial year by handing over a cheque of ₹1,25,000 to the Director of AIIMS Maj. Gen (Dr ) Vibha Dutta, SM.

This project takes care of all the needs like insulin, glucometer,special diet and other consumables required by the children suffering from the dreaded and debilitating disease type 1 diabetes.

President Shivani interacted with the authorities and incharge of the project Dr Meenakshi and her team. Joint secretary Dr Akshay Daga interacted with the beneficiary children and their parents exhorting the importance of discipline during the treatment.

President elect Ajay, secretary Ritika and Rtn. Arouni Verma were amongst those who were present at AIIMS, nagpur. Dr Sangeeta and Dr Akash conducted the proceedings. The gratitude felt by the parents and their blessings to our team exemplified the importance of this endeavour in shaping the lives of children suffering from type 1 diabetes.

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Nagpur News

DPS MIHAN awarded with Excellence Award | Nagpur




Radhika Dhawad | Nagpur
DPS MIHAN was awarded with the Literary Leadership Excellence Award for the enthusiastic participation in Nagpur.


Delhi Public School MIHAN was awarded with the Literary Leadership Excellence Award for the enthusiastic participation of its students in the National Young Authors Fair – the World’s largest Book Writing Competition held by BriBooks and powered by Education World.

More than 90 budding writers of the school availed the benefits of the excellent opportunity provided by the AI-assisted BriBooks platform which helped them to hone their storytelling skills .The plethora of creative designs helped the students to work on the illustrations needed for designing their novel. The pleasure of publishing one’s own novel and reaching out to the global readers was a thrilling experience for the budding authors.

The students also got an exposure to sell the books online and earn Author Royalty as a remuneration. The books published by several DPS MIHAN students have achieved milestones and won rewards in the categories of Best Author – Jury Awards for Content and Creativity, Best Selling Author Awards in the State and Global Feature Awards for International recognition.

The jury and guest list comprised of HE Noor Gilon,Ambassador of Israel, Saul Singer – Author of Best Seller ‘ Start -up Nation’ ,Dele Olojede- Pulitzer prize winner and Navyn Salem- Founder & CEO Edesia.

President and Pro-Vice Chairperson Ms.Tulika Kedia and Director Ms.Savita Jaiswal have congratulated the Principal Ms.Nidhi Yadav, staff and students for their sincere efforts to achieve this recognition.

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